Launching a new option for Canada

A leading innovation in bio-based feed technology for the next generation is the elite level Nuscience feed technology suite recently launched in Canada under the Biotica brand via strategic marketing partnership with CBS Inc.

The launch of Biotica introduces Nuscience feed technology across Canadian poultry, swine and ruminant sectors, offering producers and industry fresh solutions to employ as part of strategies aligned with optimizing production and meeting new marketplace requirements and demands.

Elite science-based technology

“The opportunity for livestock industries to benefit from new science-driven, feed ingredient-based solutions is rapidly advancing,” says Rob Patterson, Technical Director of CBS Inc. “Nuscience technology stands at the leading edge globally. We are pleased to partner with Nuscience to offer Biotica across Canada as part of our CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms.”

Biotica is a functional feed additive that fits well with advanced strategies designed to support health, well-being and overall performance of animals, including those raised under strict judicious use principles regarding the use of antibiotics.

The core technology featured as a component of Biotica is the new and improved third generation of a technology that has been well established for many years in Europe, where it has earned a proven track record and strong reputation for use systems that have greatly restricted or phased out antimicrobial use.

Though the approach to judicious antimicrobial use is much more moderate in North America, an important period of evolution continues. In recent years the U.S. has implemented the Veterinary Feed Directive to ensure judicious use of medically important antibiotics. Canada has followed a similar approach and has now set December 2018 as the deadline for moving all use of antibiotics for farm animals to prescription only for specific medical purposes.

Major producer and commodity associations have implemented various stages of programs aligned with this shift, often addressing antimicrobial stewardship along with broader sustainability initiatives encompassing additional aspects of production such as housing, biosecurity, environment, welfare, quality and food safety.

“We are seeing strong initial uptake of Biotica by progressive companies and producers looking to prepare for the new standards on judicious use of antibiotics and also to align production strategies with a range of both current and emerging market opportunities,” says Patterson. “There is a lot of rising interest to learn more about this new solution at a time of rapid industry evolution.”

New specialty market approval, scientific forum discussion and broadened adoption are all rapidly taking shape for Biotica. Nuscience and CBS Inc. recently received authorization for Biotica as approved for use in Canadian organic production, further adding to the specialty market versatility of the platform, which is designed for use across conventional and a range of specialty production approaches.

The technology was recently showcased by CBS Inc. at its recent Nutrition Summit in Calgary as well as at the industry-wide Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada in Edmonton.

Custom options for poultry, swine, cattle

The Biotica lineup included several species-specific formulations:

Biotica-Poultry – Feed enhancer designed for use in systems aimed toward enhanced feed conversion, improved digestive and absorptive capacities of the small intestine, reduced mortality and improved litter quality, while guarding against the threat of Salmonella spp. and other wellness challenges.

Biotica-Swine – Feed enhancer designed for use in systems supporting to enhanced growth rate and feed conversion, improved digestive and absorptive capacities of the small intestine, enhanced gut wellness and morphology, reduced mortality and improved waste management, while guarding against the threat of contaminants, stressors and wellness challenges.

Biotica-Cattle – Feed enhancer designed for use in systems supporting sound rumen fermentation together with strong immune status, to support both beef and dairy animals throughout key development and production phases.

Early adopters capturing the opportunity

“The new Biotica options are carefully balanced for consistent, reliable, highly effective results,” says Patterson.

Learn more about Biotica, including the latest data and technical recommendations, by contacting CBS Inc.