Fueling new strategies for success for farmers and industry

March 7, 2023

Bangkok, THAILAND – Advances in feed technology are accelerating Asia’s transition to more efficient and sustainable livestock agriculture – opening new pathways to higher profitability for local farmers and industry.

The latest progress is showcased at VIV Asia, March 8-10, in Bangkok, Thailand, the largest and most comprehensive feed event for Asia. Solutions cover poultry, swine, ruminants, aquaculture and more.

“It’s tremendous to have VIV Asia back to a full in-person event,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, Asia Pacific Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms (Booth 3290). “Our team joins in the energy and excitement that has built for this event as exhibitors, speakers and attendees from more than 120 countries come together to share knowledge and learn about the latest innovations.”

Summit of success

In addition to exhibiting at VIV Asia, CBS Bio Platforms is hosting its own Asian Nutrition Summit on March 7 in Bangkok, the day before VIV Asia begins. This exclusive CBS session is designed to provide unique insider perspectives on key market factors and feed science developments in livestock nutrition, featuring university and commercial industry professionals as well as CBS staff.

“We’re looking forward to a robust week of discussing opportunities with industry colleagues – with sustainability at the forefront,” says Krisjan Jones, CBS President. “The CBS Asian Nutrition Summit will kick off the knowledge sharing and set the table for the global VIV Asia event. The timing is excellent as a number of new innovations are coming on stream that promise to help address the major needs of today and the future, for Asia and beyond.”

FSPs and stacking technologies

Feed technologies are among the key developments rapidly gaining momentum, notes Mark Peters, CBS VP of Sales and Marketing. Among the CBS portfolio of Feed Science Platforms (FSPs), this includes new opportunities for ‘stacking’ complimentary options to take production results and sustainability to new levels.

“Utilizing more tools for more success is what the ‘stacking technologies’ concept is all about,” says Peters. “It’s an integrated approach that allows farms to get the combined benefits of several solutions at the same time.”

This approach has become increasingly more practical, powerful and rewarding for application in Asia, says Rob Patterson, CBS VP of Innovation and Commercialization. “The Asian livestock sector now has a much broader toolbox to work with, to get more value out of feed ingredients, improve health management, reduce costs and more. It’s a great time to take stock of the options available and update strategies to take advantage of stacking opportunities.”

Knowledge and tools to boost farmers’ bottom line

The CBS Asian Nutrition Summit begins with a welcome message from Jones, followed by an Asian Market update by Tuason and a presentation on New Innovations at CBS by Patterson. Additional featured talks include North American Poultry Industry: Overview & Highlights by JD Baltzell, USA Sales Manager with CBS, and Post Weaning Stress and Piglet Nutrition by Dr. In Ho Kim of Dankook University in South Korea.

Several CBS solutions will be among those featured during the main VIV exhibition. Maxi-Nutrio® is a bioactive animal health enhancement. Maxi-Gen® Plus is a yeast-based supplement for optimal animal performance. It’s a nucleotide-containing product also available in a Maxi-Gen Liquid formulation. Concentrase-P is a specialized bio-based formulation designed to harvest higher nutritional value from protein sources.

Rising opportunities, bright future for Asian production

“These solutions are examples of the options now more widely available across Asia that can help farms achieve optimized feed utilization, health and performance at reduced cost,” says Tuason. “The progress we are seeing is particularly important in today’s environment of increasing cost pressure, volatility with inputs and restrictions on antimicrobials. It all combines to support the resiliency of farmers and their industries, paving the way to a bright future.”

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