Company announces agreement to bring CBS Feed Science Platforms to Indian farmers to dramatically improve results for poultry and livestock

A new era is set to begin for poultry and livestock farming in India.

Advances in cutting-edge “bio platform” feed technology from North America are becoming available to Indian farmers for the first time.

These solutions are simple to add to feed and produce results that farmers can see immediately – allowing animals to get more nutrition and energy from feed to perform better and more efficiently with less waste and environmental impact.

“All types of animal production can greatly benefit from these innovations,” says Kanwaljit Singh Aluwalia, president of Canafa. “They tremendously boost value from feed to keep costs low and results high for poultry and livestock operations.”

Bringing the world’s best to India

Canafa is a fast-rising marketing company that specializes in identifying and supplying the the best new options achieving success for Canadian farms (the Canafa brand is a blend of “Canada” and “Farms”) that can also benefit farms in other parts of the world – with a major focus on India.

Canafa develops partnerships with the sources of these solutions to then get them into the hands of Indian farmers, often with added value through customizations that optimize their suitability for India.

Partnerships drive progress

Today the Canafa team is excited to have initiated its most promising endeavour to date for India, through a new marketing agreement with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS) – based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (via the CBS Asia Pacific division).

The agreement makes available to India the latest new generation CBS signature Feed Science Platforms, developed in partnership with highly regarded research institutions including major Canadian universities.

Opening the door to innovation

“This initiative opens the door for India to a new world of science-based feed technology advances,” says CBS representative Dr. Eduardo Tuason.

“When we look at the global trends in raising animals for food production, it’s becoming more clear than ever that bio-based solutions are the way of the future. The Feed Science Platforms are unique in the world in representing the latest, most robust science and strategic knowledge in several key areas to maximize results from feed.”

Top solutions now available

Superzyme. One of the initial product offerings now available via this partnership is Superzyme – a multi-carbohydrase enzyme product that features multiple enzymes from multiple microbial strains specifically custom made to produce enzyme activities that deliver a complete breakdown of locally sourced hard-to-digest feed components. The product features seven enzyme activities effective on a wide range of feed ingredients, one of most potent options ever developed to achieve “total breakdown” feed utilization.

“Superzyme helps farmers capture the most value possible from feed through better utilization of energy and nutrients,” notes Tuason. “This leads to corresponding improvements in animal performance and health with tremendous efficiency gains.”

Invertase (added to Superzyme). Boosting the results with Superzyme even further is the new addition of invertase to the latest generation formulation. The uniquely tailored exogenous source of invertase enzyme added in Superzyme is optimized to break down the anti-nutritional effects of oligosaccharides found in soybean, wheat, and other legumes added to feed. “Invertase expands the benefits of Superzyme even further,” says Singh Aluwalia. “In addition to increasing breakdown and energy capture, it also helps in adding to the prebiotic effect for a better microbiome of the digestive tract. It’s a real power booster for Superzyme.”

ProSparity. Another standout option newly available to India via Canafa is ProSparity — a new protease enzyme formulation that allows farmers to meet nutritional requirements with less protein, which helps address the lack of access to economical protein sources. It features a low inclusion rate that improves least cost formulation.

“ProSparity features a protein-sparing enzyme technology powered by a multi-component protease with acid, neutral and alkaline producing strains selected to target plant and animal protein substrates,” says Tuason. “It is available in flexible formats offered in both liquid and dry concentrations.”

“Our poultry and livestock farmers in India have often faced greater challenges in terms of the feed options available, with limited choices, lack of consistency in feed sources, cost barriers and other obstacles,” observes Singh Aluwalia. “ ProSparity provides an outstanding solution to unlock more value from existing feed options.”

Toxicurb. An additional featured offering is Toxicurb –a proactive feed enhancer that helps support safe, high-quality feed as well as animal benefits. Toxicurb includes a combination of absorbents, yeast polysaccharides and vitamins, carefully formulated to maximize the complementary activities of these ingredients for a broader spectrum of protection and support. This includes in vitro mycotoxin binding affinity seen in a wide range of pH in the digestive tract.

“Toxicurb also features innovative CBS Yeast Bioactives yeast cell wall technology to stimulate intestinal tissue recovery,” says Tuason. “This is the first time this brand new category of feed technology is available to the India market.”

Robust ROI

Commercial results with all of these new Canafa supplied products have shown a very strong return on investment, notes Singh Aluwalia. “They are new tools that offer a promising future of feed for Indian production. As CBS bio-based technologies, they also have an advantage as tools that are derived from nature and used to enhance natural processes. This fits well in today’s environment of higher consumer expectations for food production, including greater scrutiny of all types of inputs.”