Will Varner joins innovation-focused company bringing new advantages to poultry farmers

Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA – Providing poultry farmers with innovative tools that make a difference at the farm level is the focus as CBS Bio Platforms USA expands its poultry team.

The feed technology company has announced the addition of poultry specialist Will Varner as Eastern Poultry Sales Representative.

“Today we’re entering a golden age of bio-based feed technology, where solutions that were considered unconventional or alternative 10 years ago are rapidly taking over the mainstream and really driving the bottom line for poultry production,” says Varner.

“CBS is a pioneer and leader in this space ripe for further expansion – particularly here in the US as farmers aggressively pursue new opportunities to thrive and succeed. It’s an exciting time to join CBS and I look forward to working with CBS customers and partners in this new role.”

Connecting opportunities across the USA

CBS Bio Platforms is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. In recent years the company has dramatically increased its US focus, including with the establishment of a new distribution and manufacturing facility in Volga, South Dakota, and the emergence of CBS Bio Platforms USA.

The company founded by Owen Jones 38 years ago began with a focus on helping farmers enhance their feeding programs with more natural ingredients, primarily via enzyme technology. It has since broadened its offering of solutions while expanding to serve markets in over 20 countries.

Today the CBS portfolio of Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) includes Bio-Catalyst Technology, Enhanced Yeast Technology, Grain Management Technology, Functional Fatty Acids and Phytogenics & Probiotics. An integral component of CBS success has long-term commitments to investing in science including via major relationships with research programs across Canada and the US.

“The future is bright and the time is now,” says J.D. Baltzell, Sales Manager, USA, with CBS Bio Platforms USA. “Will Varner shares our focus on helping farmers, first and foremost, to get better results out of their operations and increase their bottom line. We are very pleased to bring Will on board to help lead this next phase of progress for our US customer base.”

Powering poultry progress

Varner brings extensive knowledge and experience to the role. He holds a degree in Poultry Science from North Carolina State University and has served farmers for more than a decade in a variety of increasingly senior positions related to sustainability, nutrition and feed technology. He grew up on a North Carolina family poultry farm where after university he spent several years managing operations including broiler barns and a cattle herd.

“I’ve always believed in my career to remember where you came from and use that family farm experience to relate to producers and see through their eyes how I can help bring value,” says Varner. “Our farmers are part of the backbone of this country and it’s a privilege to work alongside them, to keep innovation and progress moving forward.”

Varner’s experience has also included spearheading research projects related to various facets of poultry production, including technical processes related to feed analysis and feed milling. “Strong science is the foundation of sound strategies and decision-making,” says Varner. “This is another factor that has made CBS attractive – having that foundation of research and data to guide everything we advise to farmers. It’s all about the right science, right solutions to find the right fit for every farm.”

Finding the right fit for every farm

The technical side of Varner revels in the challenge of integrating solutions to meet the many facets farmers are faced with addressing today. “The way production and the marketplace expectations have evolved, you need to check all the boxes,” says Varner. “Better ingredients, better solutions, more options for the producer – all of that is essential. But at the same time we increase efficiency and productivity, we need to do it in a way that upholds health, welfare and the overall sustainability of poultry production. This is what our CBS team works toward with our customers every day.”

While Varner’s role in Eastern Poultry Sales will primarily center on poultry, it will also crossover to support the broader CBS team across all livestock categories. His work will include helping the team to service conventional production as well as dramatically rising demand for bio-based feed additives that support antibiotic-free production programs. By virtue of his North Carolina base the SouthEast is a major focus for Varner but he will ultimately support all US production regions.

“It’s all about improving profitability through better performance, health and reduced environmental footprint,” says Baltzell. “Where it all ties together for us is making progress in these areas in a way that directly leaves producers with more dollars that stay with them at the farm gate. Helping farmers succeed is the key to having a healthy and successful industry over both the short and long-term.”

CBS Bio Platforms is an innovation-focused company that researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of bio-based products used in feed, food and industrial applications. More information is available at