VHP-approved DOSTO® Caps serve as preventative measure for gut health issues

Guelph, ONTARIO – Canadian dairy and beef farmers have an innovative, all-natural new option to support the health and performance of calves while reducing reliance on antimicrobial use.

CBS Bio Platforms is working with EastGen to bring DOSTO® Caps feed technology to the Canadian dairy and beef industries with an initial focus on Ontario and the Maritimes.

This feed additive featuring proprietary ultra-high-quality oregano oil, supplied via verified quality-assured production, is proven to stabilize and optimize gut health in support of healthier, more productive animals.

Recognition of its efficacy, safety and unique health advantages has resulted in Veterinary Health Products (VHP) approval for DOSTO® Caps, which can be used proactively as a preventative option to mitigate disease risk.

“We are pleased to work with EastGen to bring this new VHP-approved technology to Canadian farmers,” says Paul Garvey, Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms. “It provides a reliable, cost-effective, simple- to-use health-management tool that farmers can have on hand and use proactively to support optimal health and performance.”

The DOSTO® Caps technology was originated by DOSTOFARM®, based in Northern Germany, which has become a worldwide oregano-based technology leader with expertise in natural active ingredients for livestock.

DOSTOFARM® has partnered with CBS Bio Platforms – an innovation-focused feed technology company driving progress with Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) – to bring this technology to the Canadian marketplace. CBS Bio Platforms has in turn allied with EastGen to utilize its sales force and network to broaden the availability of DOSTO® Caps to farms in Eastern Canada.

“We are excited to offer this new solution to farmers as part of our broader portfolio of innovative solutions,” says Mike Weber, Distribution Manager with EastGen. “Advancing the health and welfare of calves is one of the best ways to enhance the overall sustainability and economics of production. Our farmers need new solutions and this is a great addition.”

The timing of Canadian market introduction and expansion for DOSTO® Caps is a ‘win-win’ for farmers and their industry, aligning with the needs and evolution of Canada’s dairy and beef sectors, notes Sabrina Zettell, CBS Bio Platforms nutritionist and ruminant specialist.

“This technology, proven and relied upon in Europe, gives our farmers a ready-to-use option that expands their health toolbox at a time when antimicrobial use is becoming more limited,” says Zettell “It gives our farmers and their industry a next-generation option that fits the future.”

Because it is VHP approved, farmers can order the product, have it ready and start using it right away, she notes. “Our studies show the benefits of DOSTO®Caps result in a high return on investment by reducing health related issues and upholding a high level of performance that carries forward throughout the productive life cycle. Its efficiency and purity benefits also support a reduced environmental footprint.”

Calves from birth through rearing stages are very sensitive to environmental influences and stress, she explains. This can lead to digestive problems such as diarrhea and dehydration, along with increased risk from pathogenic germs and bacteria.

DOSTO® Caps is an effective complementary feed to support the digestive function and reduce disease risk. The formulation has antimicrobial effects and contributes to an improved intestinal flora for improved performance.

DOSTOFARM’s all-natural oregano oil is recognized as the gold standard. From its exclusive variety of oregano, proprietary seed production, and high-quality manufacturing facilities in Northern Germany. Its application via DOSTO® Caps technology is tailored to optimally meet the needs of calves while being simple for farmers to provide. The “caps” formulation allows for easy off-the-shelf use without major storage and handling requirements.

Farmers can provide calves with DOSTO® Caps at the same time they are processing for other routine management.

“As a preventative tool it’s a very simple-to-apply ‘set it and forget it’ option,” says Garvey. “Supporting the health and welfare of calves without relying on antibiotics has never been easier.”

Farmers in Ontario and the Maritimes can contact their EastGen representative for further information on DOSTO® Caps.

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