Helping farmers optimize protein to win the battle with rising feed costs

Calgary, ALBERTA —A new solution has arrived to help farmers tackle the challenge of securing economical high value protein for their livestock diets.

CBS Bio Platforms has announced the registration approval of ProSparity® – an innovative feed technology that unlocks higher nutritional value from protein sources, allowing farmers to achieve optimized feed utilization and related performance at reduced cost. The feed technology is available for use in poultry and swine, with on-farm testing data supporting outstanding results with both species.

“We are very pleased to bring this new technology to the marketplace,” says Mark Peters, Sales and Marketing Director, CBS Bio Platforms. “It gives farmers an important tool to get more out of their feed to improve the overall economics of production, resulting in lower costs and higher profits.”

Next generation protease solution

Livestock industries in Canada, the US and beyond have faced a landscape of rising ingredient and feed costs inter-twined with higher volatility and often more limited economical choices in protein sourcing. The feed technology comprising ProSparity offers a next generation, simple to implement solution to address these challenges in a way that represents a huge leap forward compared to conventional options.

The feed technology comprising ProSparity features protein-sparing enzyme technology powered by a multi-component protease.

Unique multi-component activity

The unique multi-component activity, along with additional complementary and synergistic ingredients, gives ProSparity a major advantage and greatly enhanced results compared to traditional single source protease options. Available in flexible formats offered in both liquid and dry concentrations, it also features a low inclusion rate that improves least cost formulation.

“We have continued to learn more from science about the level to which the dietary proteins used in animal diets are not fully digestible by poultry and pigs – it’s very substantial across protein sources and that has represented a growing opportunity for solutions that can unlock that untapped value,” says Rob Patterson, Technical Director, CBS Bio Platforms.

“Particularly in today’s industry environment, there's a very strong economic benefit in recapturing dietary costs in this manner, by utilizing feed additives such as protease that target the undigested component of these proteins – breaking them down so they can be absorbed and used by the animals.”

Unlocking value across protein sources

A growing body of research has provided a more sophisticated picture of the diversity among protein sources – showing at a more detailed level why solutions with broad spectrum protease activity have far greater opportunity for success, notes Patterson. “This is what ProSparity delivers. The multi-component protease it contains features multiple strains each chosen based on their specificity and binding affinity to a full range of protein substrates, to collectively achieve the best ‘total breakdown’ possible.”

Research shows ProSparity is highly flexible to multiple ingredients including corn, hard grains such as wheat distillers grains, oil seeds and their meals as well as a number of non-traditional ingredients.

The product is designed to maintain high protease activity throughout the entirety of the gastrointestinal tract no matter what the protein source, says Paul Garvey, Sales Manager, Poultry, CBS Bio Platforms. “It offers broad formulation flexibility and can be used in conjunction with other enzyme technologies and feed science platforms.”

In addition to improving nutrient digestibility, ProSparity has also been shown to deactivate antinutritional factors found in protein sources – for example trypsin inhibitors found in soybean meal.

“Based on the results we’re seeing, ProSparity is well positioned to rapidly emerge as one of the most straightforward, ready-to-go options to consistently save dollars on feed costs,” says Garvey. “With the new registration, we look forward to dramatically expanding the reach and availability of this option this fall and into 2022, for both Canada and the US.”

Farmers can ask their nutritionist or feed representative about ProSparity or contact CBS Bio Platforms directly. More information on the CBS Bio Platforms and its feed science technology solutions is available at