Canadian livestock producers now have access to an innovative nutritional supplement designed to enhance feed performance through the unique slow release of zinc oxide.

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) received final registration approval for BioZinc 20X, for use with poultry, swine, cattle, sheep and equine. The product is manufactured by Agranco Corp. U.S.A. and CBS Inc. has secured exclusive distribution rights for Canada.

“This product is a proven performer in the U.S. that represents a new way to improve profitability for livestock operations,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Manager of Sales and Marketing. “We are pleased to bring BioZinc 20X to Canadian livestock industries and add it to our stable of leading science-based nutritional products.”

Zinc oxide supplementation is a long-standing critical factor for optimal animal nutrition and performance, however maximizing absorption is a key challenge, says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Services Manager.

“BioZinc 20X offers a unique solution for livestock operations to get the best value and animal performance, while protecting against the risk of high zinc levels that can be detrimental to gut health and the environment,” says Patterson. “It features patented technology including a micro-encapsulated design with concentrated ingredient that gets the zinc oxide to the target zone effectively and results in an even, slow release through the gastrointestinal tract. This also allows for a low inclusion level that provides a lot of flexibility in the feed formulation.”

The product is designed with an edible lipid-based matrix coating that masks the taste of zinc oxide and diminishes the possible interactivity of ingredients. This coating also maintains important dissolution characteristics that support the most effective release.

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