Helping farmers across Southeast Asia advance toward the next era of pig farming

Pasay City, PHILIPPINES – Science-powered, bio-based feed technology options are leading the way to the next era of pig production across Southeast Asia.

CBS Bio Platforms and partner AgriPro are among those showcasing novel feed additive technologies conferring advantages for feed conversion, nutrition capture, protein-sparing and more, at the 29th National Hog Convention in Pasay City, Philippines, April 27-30.

“It’s great to have this event back in person this year for the first time since the pandemic,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, Sales Manager for the Asia Pacific with CBS Bio Platforms. “Our pig farmers here in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia have faced numerous challenges and shown resiliency. Now they’re getting back on their feet and important feed technology advances are here to help. There is great excitement about the future – more than we have seen in years.”

Stacking for success

Feed science has come a long way – delivering new tools at the right time to produce pigs more efficiently while strengthening herd health and productivity, he says.

“The new solutions we’re highlighting at this event can make a real difference. They help extract more nutritional value and other benefits from feed. They give farmers more tools to overcome challenges with feed availability, protein sourcing, cost volatility and more – ultimately, to reduce risk and keep more dollars in their pocket.”

The concept of “stacking technologies” has risen to a higher level in this new landscape, says Ms. Juvy Castillo, animal nutrition consultant with CBS. “Stacking strategies are a big focus for our CBS and AgriPro customers this year. We’ve made a lot of progress in identifying and understanding how farmers can combine different solutions for greater results. This includes customized options for the specific needs of Southeast Asia.”

Maximizing value from feed sources

Among examples, CBS has expanded and streamlined its enzymes category into a broader Bio-Catalyst Technology platform, notes Castillo. This has brought new advantages to the latest generation of signature products tailored for Southeast Asia including Superzyme® – a multi-carbohydrase option that increases utilization of energy and nutrients from a broad range of feed ingredients.

Important developments have also emerged with protein-sparing technologies, led by new-to the-region ProSparity®, a cutting-edge solution for maximizing value extraction from protein sources.

Opening the door to new opportunities

“This technology really opens up the possibilities for farmers, by making it possible to extract substantial amounts of protein from otherwise hard-to-digest protein components,” says Castillo. “This has been a key hurdle to overcome to improve the success of pig farming in this region.”

Innovation-driven progress is the focus of AgriPro and its partnership with CBS, says Ellen Mui-Martines, CEO of AgriPro. “We are excited to bring our customers the best new solutions, backed by robust science, to help them farm more profitably and sustainably.”

AgriPro Premier Nutrition Inc. is a leading distributor of feed ingredients and feed additive solutions to livestock industry customers in Southeast Asia, establishing a strong reputation and professional presence across the region.

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