Delivering the leading edge in feed technology to livestock industry customers in the Philippines and other key parts of Southeast Asia is the focus of a new market expansion by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.).

The expansion was announced during the Canadian trade mission to the Philippines led by International Trade Minister Ed Fast.

It includes new product introductions for the Philippines, currently in final stages of registration, along with an enhanced presence for sales, marketing and distribution in the region. This is anchored by a growing team at the CBS Inc. Southeast Asia office based in Manila, Philippines as well as a strengthened relationship with local CBS Inc. distribution partner AgriPro Premier Nutrition.

“The fast-changing world of feed technology represents one of the greatest opportunities for livestock industry customers to get more value out of feed and dramatically improve their efficiency and profitability,” says Owen Jones, CBS Inc. President. “The Philippines and Southeast Asia as a whole are well positioned to take advantage of the latest advances.”

“I am pleased to congratulate Canadian Bio-Systems on their success in the Philippines,” says International Trade Minister Ed Fast. “When Canadian businesses succeed abroad, they are helping to create jobs, growth and prosperity at home.”

CBS Inc. products in final stages of registration for the Philippines include multi-carbohydrase and protease enzyme formulations. Superzyme-CS is designed for poultry and swine diets, delivering a broad spectrum of activities to break down a range of hard-to-digest feed components. Concentrase-P features concentrated protease activity to target protein components. Both are scheduled to enter the Philippines marketplace in July through AgriPro.

“These products help customers capture more value from feed through better utilization of energy and nutrients,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, International Sales Manager – Asia Pacific for CBS Inc. who heads up the Manila office. “This leads to corresponding improvements in animal performance and health while reducing potential waste and environmental impacts. All of these benefits are particularly important for successful expansion of livestock production in Southeast Asia.”

Enzymes also have an advantage as a tool that is derived from nature and used to enhance natural processes, observes Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director. This fits well in today’s environment of higher consumer expectations for food production, including greater scrutiny of all types of inputs. “At a time of tightening regulations related to the use of antibiotics and medicated feed, the results enzymes can achieve make them a viable alternative option that can play a stronger role in today’s livestock industries.”

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