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Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Sept. 20, 2011: A livestock feed product developed by Canadian BioSystems Inc. (CBS Inc.) has earned organic certification status from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Omegazyme is an enzyme supplement for poultry and swine feeds designed to support Omega-3 enriched egg and meat products. An equivalent CBS Inc. product is marketed in Canada as Superzyme-OM.

“USDA organic certification for Omegazyme is an important recognition of the safety and efficacy of this product for another layer of the marketplace,” says Owen Jones, President of CBS Inc. “Omegazyme is part of Canadian Bio-Systems’ focus on offering producers a natural way to profitability.”

CBS Inc. develops a suite of products that are highly recognized globally in several industries. This includes a wide range of liquid or granular enzyme concentrates and premixes that are tailored for feed, food and industrial applications. Omegazyme is designed for poultry and swine diets which use high levels oil seeds and meals along with cereal grains.

Omegazyme is a unique product of its kind in the world, says Rob Patterson, Technical Services Manager for CBS Inc. It allows producers to achieve their target amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in eggs and meat while using less flax. “The Omegazyme-enriched diet is easier for the animal to digest, meaning reduced potential for health issues,” says Patterson. “Less flax requirement typically means lower feed cost which translates to higher profitability.”

Organic certification adds another level of benefit for producers, says Patterson. “It’s another way for producers to make their products more marketable and profitable. For organic producers it’s a new tool they can use to improve production while upholding their organic status. For all farmers it’s further confirmation that Omegazyme is a quality product that meets high standards and has broad marketplace potential.”

Started in 1984, Canadian Bio-Systems is a world-wide pioneer in developing innovative products for livestock feed and other uses, backed by strong research and technical support. More information on the company and its products is available at

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