Feed technology innovations help producers maximize resources and results

Des Moines, IOWA – Advances in feed technology that help swine operations save cost while still improving performance and maximizing returns are featured at the Iowa Pork Congress, Jan. 24-25 in Des Moines.

“We’re looking forward to meeting with producers at the show,” says J.D. Baltzell, Sales Manager, USA, with CBS Bio Platforms. “The latest feed technology options represent practical solutions that can make a real difference to their bottom line.”

With swine farms facing economic headwinds over much of the past year, there has been growing interest in options that optimize results while also directly addressing cost of production.

This has been a key focus of feed technology innovation, notes Baltzell, resulting in performance, efficiency and health advantages that help producers get more value out of feed. Iowa Pork attendees can visit the CBS team at booth 713.

Breaking down barriers to profitability

A top example among the CBS portfolio of Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) is Multi-Protease Technology, as showcased in ProSparity. This solution from the CBS Biocatalyst Technology platform allows producers to achieve higher breakdown and nutrition capture from both traditional and alternative protein sources.

“Protease has gained renewed attention the last few years as we learn more about the benefits not only for nutrition capture but also consistency,” says Baltzell. “With multi-protease technology we now have a new and improved standard.”

Another leading example is progress within the CBS Yeast Bioactives platform. Solutions such as Maxi-Gen®, including Maxi-Gen Liquid formulation, are seeing more demand in early 2024, due to benefits for optimizing performance and efficiency while also uniquely serving as a valuable health management tool.

Shifting the economics to benefit producers

“This solution helps to mitigate a number of potential threats that can undermine feed quality, animal performance and animal health,” says Clark.

With both of these solutions and others in the FSPs lineup, farmers have more and better tools to help keep costs low, he notes.. "We're improving the toolbox to help shift the economics of production in favor of the producer.”

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