Manila, Philippines, July 8, 2015: A new era is underway to supercharge the feed value returns of livestock operations in the Philippines and other key parts of Southeast Asia.

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) and distribution partner AgriPro Premier Nutrition Inc. jointly announced the official launch of two innovative feed enzyme technology products, custom-formulated for livestock industry customers in the region.

Registration approval was granted for Superzyme-CS – a multi-carbohydrase enzyme product that features multiple enzymes and enzyme activities for a complete breakdown of the indigestible components of feed, releasing dramatically increased energy value for use by the animal. Registration approval was also awarded for Concentrase-P, which features concentrated protease activity to maximize energy capture from hard-to-digest protein components.

“The opportunity to get more value from feed has never been greater with today’s scientific advances,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, International Sales Manager – Asia Pacific of CBS Inc., who led the announcement in Manila alongside Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales and Marketing Director and Krisjan Jones, CBS Inc. Operations Director. “These new registrations represent the latest in feed technology to drive greater efficiency, performance and profitability, with reduced environmental impact. We are pleased and excited to bring these products to Southeast Asia.”

CBS Inc. researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of products used in feed, food, industrial and environmental applications. It opened a new Asia Pacific office in Manila, Philippines last fall. The company has long pioneered ground-breaking innovations in the use of feed enzymes, leveraging over 30 years of research and development through long-standing relationships with leading research institutions. AgriPro Premier Nutrition Inc. is a leading distributor of feed ingredients to livestock industry customers in Southeast Asia, establishing a strong reputation and professional presence through more than a decade of operation in the region.

“This is a great day for agricultural innovation in the Asia Pacific,” says Ellen Mui – Martines, CEO of AgriPro Premier Nutrition Inc., who participated in the announcement. “We welcome this opportunity to help meet the rising demand from our customers for new feed technology options that bring market-leading value, backed by strong science, to their operations. Maximizing feed conversion ratio and other aspects of feed value and efficiency is essential to livestock industry success and expansion in this region.”