New science-based feed technology innovations and expanded customer relationships across the country are driving a new generation of growth for Calgary-based Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.)

“It’s an exciting time of fresh opportunities across the shifting landscape of the feed sector,” says Owen Jones, CBS Inc. President. “Customers need choice. They need innovation. They need trusted partners who will champion the best tailored solutions for their operations. We are fortunate as a Canadian company, delivering homegrown Canadian technologies, to be a part of this new era of opportunity taking shape across the country.”

A big driver of the fresh potential is new science, says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director. CBS Inc. has long-standing partnerships with the University of Manitoba and other key local science centres, to pioneer breakthrough technologies such as new “multi-carbohydrase” enzyme formulations.

“Multi-carbohydrase technology utilizes multiple enzyme sources with multiple activities, to target a ‘total breakdown’ of otherwise indigestible feed components, to deliver higher nutritional extraction from a wide range of animal feeds,” says Patterson. “This adds value to feed, reduces potential waste and presents a new way to gain a competitive advantage and enhanced profitability.”

Solutions must constantly evolve to meet new challenges, says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales and Marketing Director. Among recent examples, CBS Inc. has expanded the availability of NutraMix – a feed enhancer that helps support safe, high-quality feed as well as animal benefits.

"NutraMix offers a valuable insurance policy," says Peters. “We see growing demand for this type of product that offers peace of mind to feedmills, producers, nutritionists and others in industry, as a tool to help safeguard feed quality and reduce threats to livestock performance."

Another demand is the rising focus on options to “lock-in” performance gains earned throughout the production cycle, he says. CBS Inc. has introduced Maxi-Nutrio – a uniquely tailored yeast autolysate supplement for pigs and poultry, designed to carry forward early gains through the mid and later phases of production.

“Many customers use a more comprehensive, multi-faceted supplement, such as our Maxi-Gen Plus, during the starter phase to meet the full needs of young animals,” explains Peters. “But after that phase it’s still important to have a more targeted option to safeguard the strong production results and carry them forward through to the end of the feeding cycle. Maxi-Nutrio delivers just the right level of added boost for the remaining phases, to help producers protect their investment and make sure nothing derails a successful production period.”

Added to these types of advantages, all CBS Inc. products are bio-based formulations. This fits well with the pressures and demands of today’s marketplace, including the increasing emphasis on new options to reduce reliance on antibiotics use. “Our approach is all about the right science and championing the customer,” says Peters. “That includes always looking for new solutions that fit the shifting marketplace demands, both for today and tomorrow.”

Comprehensive information on CBS Inc. and its expanding portfolio of products and services is available on the company’s new website, located at