Harvesting more protein and energy while reducing environmental footprint

Unlocking more value from protein sources is a top advantage of new feed technology in the spotlight at the Iowa Pork Congress.

ProSparity by CBS Bio Platforms – now more widely available for 2023 – is uniquely designed to harvest a higher nutritional value from protein sources. This allows swine operations to achieve optimized feed utilization and related performance at reduced cost.

“With the on-farm results we’re seeing across the country, ProSparity is proving a valuable option for pig farmers to have on hand, especially in today’s environment of cost pressure and volatility with inputs” says J.D. Baltzell, USA Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms. “The farmer feedback says many operations are seeing substantial cost-savings with this technology. With the increasing demand for it we’ve expanded the availability.”

More bang for every feed buck

One of the key differences with ProSparity is that it includes multiple types of protease, compared to traditional options that have only one type, he says. “The impact is that much greater when you have multi-component protease. There’s more enzyme activity and as a result more breakdown of hard-to-digest feed components. This makes more protein available to the pigs. It makes the overall economics of pig feeding a lot better for the farmer.”

The science behind the technology is state of the art, says Mike Clark, Mid-West Swine Sales representative with CBS Bio Platforms. “It’s not just taking more protease and putting it in there. There has been years of research to identify and bring together specific elite-level strains that have different yet complementary types of activity. This creates a unique synergy that adds far more value.”

This type of innovation fills a need many are talking about at Iowa Pork, says Mark Peters, VP of Sales and Marketing with CBS Bio Platforms. “The conversations at this event are always an excellent indicator of what farmers are looking for. Ingredients costs, inflation and volatility are all top of mind. But the cost-reducing advances we’re seeing with feed additives can go a long way to take the edge off those concerns.”

Built for producer success

Here in the heart of pork country the resilience of pig farmers is once again on display,” says Peters, attending the event alongside Baltzell and Clark. “Our motivation is always to help the farmer, because they are the ones putting it on the line to make this industry successful.”

ProSparity represents a big step in this direction for 2023 and beyond, notes Peters. “ProSparity gives farmers more options and more control in managing their protein requirements.”

This innovation is an example of the advances in Bio-Catalyst Technology, one of the company’s flagship Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) on the rise in recent years, fuelled by key partnerships with research institutions including University of Manitoba, South Dakota State University and others. The full FSPs portfolio also includes Enhanced Yeast Technology, Functional Fatty Acids, Phytogenics & Probiotics and Grain Management Technology.

Health management and antibiotics reduction

Another top FSP solution featured at Iowa Pork is Maxi-Gen, a nucleotide-containing product also available in a Maxi-Gen Liquid formulation.

“All of the platforms include options that can be combined to work well together, to provide the best fit for every hog operation – addressing feed efficiency, performance health and more,” says Baltzell. “Our team is always available to help producers find the right ‘FSP fingerprint.’”

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