Success in feed technology is all about connecting leading-edge science with evolving industry needs, says Dr. Anangelina Archile

When you start university at 14 and are a professor at 21, the concepts of getting ahead and learning to embrace new situations become second nature.

This was the case for Dr. Anangelina Archile, the newest addition to the CBS Inc. team. She prides herself on being a humble person, a team player, a teacher and scientist first. All of these traits fit well in an environment of collaboration and innovation. It’s what she plans to champion not only at CBS but as part of the broader feed technology sector and agricultural industry, in her new role as Technical Services Manager.

“I am excited to enter this position and look forward to working in support of the agricultural industry,” says Archile. “I am a strong believer in the company philosophy focused on science-based innovation, industry leadership and the utmost in quality products. Science is what drives innovation, which drives the business and the industry. It’s all connected and I look forward to being part of it with the team.”

Energizing the science matrix

Archile bolsters a growing CBS Inc. feed technology science team, which includes expanding in-house resources as well as strategic partnerships with leading universities.

She brings a wealth of experience in technical services, including specialized interest and background relevant to agriculture and feed technology. She will help lead analysis and protocols designed to offer the highest in quality assurance and value to CBS Inc. customers, across the company’s complete product portfolio.

Archile’s educational background includes undergraduate and master’s degrees in bioanalysis and food science technology respectively, both in her native Venezuela, along with a PhD in food science from the University of Guelph.

“We are very pleased to bring Anangelina on board,” says Krisjan Jones, CBS Inc. Operations Director. “She has a real passion for science and serving the agriculture industry. This combines with extensive technical capability and lab management skills related to quality assurance that will help drive our evolving science matrix.”

Humility, respect and teamwork

Science is a dynamic and ever-shifting area ripe with excitement, says Archile. But success on a human level is essential to get the most of any team including in scientific and technical areas.

“I have a continuous desire to learn, share knowledge, and take on new challenges,” she says. “At the same time, I believe that humility, respect and teamwork are the keys for success in any job. I know and understand the importance of each individual’s effort in obtaining team’s goals and as such, fully enjoy the successes that can be achieved through group effort.”