A look at examples of the feed technology options that have become an integral part of the colony’s approach

The portfolio includes three main products:


It’s one thing to have the right feedstuffs. It’s another to get all the nutrients out of that feed. Biogal-S Plus is based on the latest science using the concept of synergistic blends to break down that barrier. It’s about maximizing value from feed. It’s about supporting a higher level of animal performance, using the combined power of five-to-seven different types of enzymes, each with a distinct and complementary role to deliver a strong synergistic effect with the target livestock species. “This is one of the main multi-carbohydrase options we use,” says Paul Hofer. “It allows us to target all of the indigestible components of the feed and release more nutrients for use by the animal. You just get more benefit with more activities. We get $10-$15 more per pig with this alone.”

Maxi-Gen Plus

A rich source of conditionally essential nutrients for young animals, this unique formulation that delivers a range of productivity and performance benefits “This has become real important for us,” says Hofer. “We use it regularly and always see a clear boost in results.”


Designed as a feed enhancer that helps support safe, high-quality feed as well as animal benefits. Safeguards against grain diseases and other potential sources of contaminants, giving producers one less thing to worry about as a regular part of nutrition strategies. “For us it’s a great insurance policy,” says Hofer.

All of these products are manufactured by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc.