Latest advances with CBS feed technology power new opportunities showcased in Lima, Peru.

Lima, PERU— The latest advances with an innovative new approach for maximizing livestock feeding results across Latin America and beyond have been unveiled by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) at the Latin America Poultry Congress, Oct. 9-11, 2019 in Lima, Peru.

CBS Inc. announced at the event the official launch of its new Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) for production regions spanning Mexico, Central America and South America. The company also announced the addition of Jorge Castañeda to help lead its new CBS Latin America team, based out of Guadalajara.

“Livestock production across Latin America holds enormous potential to contribute to global food production, improve the success of millions of local farming operations and support local economies,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director, who made the announcement along with Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales and Marketing Director.

“The future is bright and feed technology is a key component of the road ahead, providing the efficiencies and benefits necessary for science-based, sustainable growth,” he says. “We are extremely pleased to launch our Feed Science Platforms across Latin America and to establish our next generation CBS Latin America team, to help drive this potential forward.”

Diverse and dynamic production base

Jorge Castañeda as new Sales Manager for Mexico / Latin America brings extensive local experience, knowledge and relationships to the role, says Peters. “Jorge is an excellent fit to help anchor our CBS Latin America team. Latin American animal agriculture represents an incredibly diverse and dynamic production base. Jorge knows the industry extensively and is very progressive minded in identifying synergies for science-driven progress.

“He shares a passion for the CBS philosophy of championing innovations that make a real difference not only at an industry level but to the success and profitability of producers at the farm gate.”

Castañeda has a lifetime of experience in agriculture, growing up as part of an extended family heavily involved in livestock and grain farming, centred around cattle ranches and mixed farms in the Tamaulipas region. He studied veterinary medicine and animal husbandry at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City and has enjoyed a career spanning over 25 years in animal health and nutrition industries, building extensive relationships and in recent years designing and implementing sales and logistics networks.

Advancing the pace of progress

“I’ve watched the industry advance for a long time -- it’s clear we’re now entering a very exciting period,” says Castañeda. “Many key production areas across Latin America are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are well positioned to take major steps forward with adoption of new feed technologies. CBS is at the forefront with its new Feed Science Platforms. I am thrilled to join the CBS Latin America team to help get this technology into farmer hands, supporting a strong future for our industry.”

CBS technologies as showcased within the new Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) framework offer a comprehensive range of tools to benefit swine, poultry, aquaculture and ruminant production, with five platforms including Multi-Carbohydrase enzyme technology, enhanced yeast technology, grain management technology, functional fatty acids, and phytogenetics and probiotics. The FSPs are backed by a process to determine “What’s your FSP fingerprint?” – guiding individual operations to the best combination of platform technologies.

Strategic combination for success

“The FSPs take the opportunity for strategic precision feeding to a new level,” says Patterson. “The science, technology and customization represent an elite system that can benefit any type of livestock operation. It fits with emerging trends such as the reduction of antimicrobial use and the growing customer and consumer preference for bio-based solutions. The FSPs are perfect for Latin America as this region continues on the pathway of successful growth for animal agriculture.”

Across Latin America, the ability of an operation to keep up with the full spectrum of science-based feed technology innovation is becoming a critical factor, not only in efficiency and overall production competitiveness but also in meeting specific, increasingly specialized market opportunities, adds Peters.

“With the FSPs every operator can determine the best package possible, customized to their specific requirements and objectives. We believe this is the new future of feed, for Latin America and beyond.”

The Latin America Poultry Congress is a leading knowledge sharing event for top professionals across the region, featuring leading-edge science and innovations. CBS Inc., celebrating 35 years in business, is an innovation-focused company that researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of bio-based products used in feed, food and industrial applications. More information of CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms is available at and additional CBS Inc. information is available at