New Year. New opportunities. Here are some examples of what’s available to industry in cutting edge feed technology options for 2015, from the CBS Inc. product portfolio.

Superzyme – “the original multi-carbohydrase” is a complex blend of enzymes designed to target indigestible components of livestock feed, representing the forefront of enzyme technology.

Maxi-Gen Plus – designed to mimic the conditionally essential nutrients that are important especially to young animals, and supports optimal performance particularly during times of potential stress such as weaning and transport.

Maxi-Nutrio – a uniquely tailored yeast autolysate supplement designed to get the most out of livestock feeding approaches, particularly during the mid and later phases of production.

Biogal-S Plus – features a uniquely tailored carbohydrase enzyme blend of six different enzymes, specifically formulated to produce a synergistic effect that ‘unlocks’ previously indigestible components from feed.

Maxi-Cid – a leading acidifier uniquely formulated to reduce and optimize pH levels for superior feed efficiency and animal performance.

Micro-Bac – environmentally safe option proven to eliminate ammonia and other noxious gases, while supporting improved intestinal health for superior performance.

NutraMix – an innovative feed enhancer that serves as an insurance policy to support high-quality feed.

Benefits of multi-product strategy These CBS products and others complement one another to support major benefits including: feed efficiency, optimal health, improved reproductive performance, increased alternative feed stuff usage, and improved cost efficiency. Watch for CBS Inc. next month atMidwest Poultry.