An innovative product from Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) formulated to enhance swine and poultry feed now available as part of the company’s ‘Power of 5’ program targeted to Canadian producers and industry.

Maxi-Gen Plus is designed to support optimal performance particularly during times of potential stress such as weaning and transport.

The custom formulation and product design was developed based on research trials conducted by the University of Manitoba. It has been used commercially for several years by industry and operations across Canada and increasingly in the U.S. and beyond.

Now part of the CBS Inc. Power of 5 program, Max-Gen Plus is available through a new purchasing option. The Power of 5 is an integrated program that allows customers to get the combined benefits of five of the top CBS Inc. products in one purchase and a customized application approach, designed for overall more cost effective and exceptional results.

“Maxi-Gen Plus is an established product that provides a unique complement to the full suite of options under the Power of 5 lineup,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Manager of Sales and Marketing. “This gives swine and poultry customers more flexibility to select a package that is well rounded and specifically tailored to meet all of their priority needs.”

The product is designed to fit well with the changing demands on today’s pork and poultry industries, says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Services Manager.

“A unique aspect of Maxi-Gen Plus is that it that it is designed to mimic the conditionally essential nutrients that are important especially to young animals and that research shows also help to stimulate tissue growth and recovery during periods of stress,” says Patterson.

“Both pigs and poultry produce these components on their own,” he says. “However, our research shows that during times of potential heightened stress such as weaning and transport, the supply produced by the animal is often not enough to meet the demand for optimal health and performance. Maxi-Gen Plus is formulated to help address this.”

Patterson notes that Maxi-Gen Plus is distinctive in the marketplace in that the product is highly concentrated in its beneficial components, which allows for lower inclusion levels and greater cost efficiency.