Take a great start through to a great finish

The start of a new production phase is often ripe with possibility and optimism for a successful cycle. Particularly when feeding poultry and pigs, optimizing the feeding regimen during the starter phase is critical to meet the needs of young animals. That’s why it has become a “must” time to take advantage of the added value offered by enzymes and other feed enhancement options.

But what many in industry are not fully capturing is the need for a strong follow-up regimen to completely lock-in that combination of early potential and starter phase gains, and carry this full payload all the way forward to a strong finish. Maxi-Nutrio is a new product generating buzz for doing just that. Here are some quick takes on the product features and benefits, with commentary from Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Manager of Sales and Marketing and Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Services Manager.

Q: What are the fundamentals of Maxi-Nutrio?

Peters: Maxi-Nutrio is a yeast autolysate supplement for pigs and poultry. It’s a very unique product in the marketplace that particularly in today’s environment offers exceptional advantages to industry.

Q: What is the unique role of this product?

Peters: Maxi-Nutrio is designed to help industry and producers get the most out of livestock feeding approaches, particularly during the mid and later phases of production.

For example, many customers use a more comprehensive, multi-faceted supplement, such as our Maxi-Gen Plus, during the starter phase to meet the full needs of young animals. But after that phase it’s still important to have a more targeted option to safeguard the strong production results and carry them forward through to the end of the feeding cycle. That’s what Maxi-Nutrio provides.

Q: How does it safeguard performance?

Peters: The key advantage is precision. As a carefully formulated yeast autolysate, Maxi-Nutrio is designed to deliver just the right level of added boost for the remaining phases, to help producers protect their investment and make sure nothing derails a successful production period. It’s a valuable insurance policy to lock in value and get the best results possible.

Q: How does Maxi-Nutrio stand above the competition?

Patterson: Maxi-Nutrio was designed to capitalize on two concepts in a new and unique way. The first concept is the use of bio-based formulations that fit well with the pressures and demands of today’s marketplace. The second concept is using a sophisticated, science-based approach to isolate specific yeast autolysate activity for maximum efficiency and targeted benefits.

Q: How are these advantages expressed?

Patterson: In several ways. For example, an important aspect of Maxi-Nutrio and particularly its enriched yeast cell wall component, is the ability of the product to bind to and mitigate the potential threat of detrimental micro-organisms. It is also a pre-biotic that can stimulate other positive feeding performance activity.

With its high level of precision, Maxi-Nutrio is also a very efficient option that allows for a low inclusion rate to offer customers greater flexibility in their feed formulations.