Eliminating odour. Boosting gut health. These two benefits are among the most important for sustainable and efficient livestock feeding systems today. Now both are available to Canadian livestock industries in one convenient product from Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.)

Mico-Bac is a powerful, all-natural, environmentally safe feed enhancing product proven to eliminate ammonia and other noxious gases, while also improving intestinal health for superior performance. The product, newly registered in 2014, is targeted for use in Western Canada with swine and poultry.

“Micro-Bac features a combination of proven feed enhancing technology that is unique in the marketplace,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales and Marketing Manager. “The result is greater simplicity, top-quality performance and an overall exceptional value for the customer.”

The first primary activity of Mico-Bac is its odor slashing power, says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc., Technical Services Manager. This component of the product is based around a carefully selected and tailored formulation of yucca extract, with proven bio-chemistry to reduce and eliminate noxious gases including ammonia, sulfides and phenols. Along with air quality and waste management benefits, this also promotes improved health and well-being for both livestock and workers.

But that’s just a start. While cutting down unwanted gases, the product also introduces a beneficial bacteria component to further enhance gut health.

“We know from the latest science that if you have less ammonia and other toxins, it helps the intestinal system of the animal in economically significant ways,” says Patterson. “With Micro-Bac the benefits are extended further by placing more ‘good bacteria’ in the system. This simultaneous detoxifying and repopulating captures a synergy effect for overall greater benefits.”

Customers considering Mico-Bac can also take advantage of a new ‘Power of 5’ purchasing program from CBS Inc., targeted to Canadian producers and industry.

“The Power of 5 is an integrated program that allows customers to get the combined benefits of five of the top CBS Inc. products in one purchase and a customized application approach, designed for overall more cost effective and exceptional results,” says Peters.

The Power of 5 suite of products includes Biogal-S Plus, Maxi-Gen Plus, Maxi-Cid, NutraMix and Mico-Bac. Five major benefits include feed efficiency (improved digestion, average daily gain and feed conversion rate); supporting optimal health (improved gut health, immune status and vaccine efficacy); improved reproductive performance; increased alternative feed stuff usage; and improved cost efficiency (less expensive diets and reduced feed cost per animal). Learn more about CBS Inc. products and the Power of 5 at