Awakening the ‘sleeping dragon’ of Vietnam’s fast-rising animal agriculture potential

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM New feed technology solutions are playing a critical role in helping to awaken the ‘sleeping dragon’ of Vietnam’s fast rising potential as a powerful player among the world’s emerging markets in livestock production.

Many of the top innovations and trends are featured at the Vietstock 2018 Expo & Forum, Oct. 17-19 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A leading example is the suite of elite level feed technology that comprises new Feed Science Platforms, showcased at the event by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.)

“Vietnam is establishing itself as a leading example among a growing number of key livestock production regions in southeast Asia that are making huge strides,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director. “The potential for strong advancements in livestock production in this region has been increasing for a while now. But today the new wave of feed technology is among the key factors that are turning this promise into reality.”

Rising access to new innovations

With a new rise in the access and adoption of innovations traditionally more prominent in the west, such as those included in the Feed Science Platforms, the emerging markets in this region are poised to fully blossom, says Krisjan Jones, CBS Inc. Operations Director. “The ‘sleeping dragon’ is awakening. It’s an exciting time for livestock production in Vietnam and more broadly southeast Asia as a whole.”

The Feed Science Platforms showcased at Vietstock include five areas of feed technology innovation: Multi-carbohydrase enzyme technology, grain management technology, functional fatty acids, phytogenics and probiotics and enhanced yeast technology. The platforms are backed by technical support to help livestock operations determine “What’s your FSP fingerprint?” to identify the best customized package for each operation.

“The innovations among each of the platforms represent a tremendous opportunity for livestock producers and the broader industry in southeast Asia,” says Patterson. “But just as important is the ability to customize to meet the unique requirements of each operation. A lot of additional value due to synergy among the different platforms can be gained by applying a tailored strategy. We are seeing this now among a growing number of the most progressive operations.”

Burgeoning Asia Pacific network

The network of CBS Inc. Asia Pacific Region distributors and representatives has been closely involved in the industry progression of recent years and has enjoyed a front-row seat as an infusion of science-based feed and nutrition approaches have benefitted the region. The CBS Inc. Asia Pacific Team established major Vietnam based activity in 2011, focused on providing nutrients and additives helping to maximize value, efficiency, overall profitability and sustainability for customers. A milestone ramping up of activity bringing the latest bio-based feed technology options to the region has been ongoing since 2014, culminating with the current drive focused on the latest options newly available via the Feed Science Platforms.

“Our Vietnam-based network operates based on the principles of best product quality, reliability, customer service and value, with a strong focus on improving access to the newest most advanced feed technology,” says Jones. “CBS Inc. representatives have become the trusted partner of many premix producers, feed mills and local farms. With team members that are very enthusiastic and experienced in the animal feed sector, this network brings safe, high-quality solutions with the expectation of contributing to a healthy and steadily progressing industry. This includes a major focus on improving the productivity of livestock production and maximizing the quality of life of local farmers.”

Feed technology has become a shining example of a game-shifting factor that is helping to expand the value for farmers and industry out of what have traditionally been very tight production margins, says Patterson.

Steady growth rate forecast

With ongoing industry progress, the numbers regarding Vietnam as a case study tell the story of an awakening southeast Asia dragon now on a pathway to fully unleash its powerful potential. Despite grappling with a number of challenges often inherent to emerging livestock production regions, the feed industry in Vietnam persists in forecasting a steady growth rate of 8-10 percent annually. Year-to-date 2018, Vietnam has spent US $2.2 billion importing feed ingredients. The country is becoming a regional powerhouse particularly in swine production with substantial rising activity also in poultry and other diversified areas of livestock production.

Among key trends, Vietnam is also embracing the broader global shift toward reduced and more judicious approaches to antimicrobial use. “The awareness of producers has improved greatly in terms of limiting the use of antibiotics in livestock feed,” says Patterson. “Bio-based solutions such as the Feed Science Platforms are a perfect fit with this and other key trends. We feel we are very well positioned to meet the many new important demands of the market both today and into the future.”

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