New feed supplement delivers breakthrough advantages for swine health and performance

Airdrie, ALBERTA – As swine producers look for new ways to supercharge their success, a powerful new feed additive has arrived to help get the job done.

Nutrition Partners and FarmHouse Consultants have launched Ignite – a functional fatty acid and enhanced yeast supplement designed to deliver next-level results for swine production across Canada and key regions of the US.

Ignite features the latest in bio-based feed technology from CBS Bio Platforms, providing a comprehensive blend of multiple Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) for use in swine.

Ignite is a true game changer for hog operations – bringing more profits, better health and better performance,” says Patrick Hague, Founder of FarmHouse. “It’s designed first and foremost with the farmer in mind – giving them the best solution that will make a real difference to their success.”

Practical solution to boost farmers’ bottom line

Farmers today are challenged by high feed costs, restrictions on antimicrobials and rising pressure to shift the production toolbox to natural bio-based solutions increasingly favored by the marketplace. They also face pressure to adopt new approaches to health management that are focused on prevention and upholding high standards of animal care and welfare. Ignite addresses all of these needs in one practical solution.

Ignite is the next step in the evolution of feed technology for swine – a brand new type of production-enhancing solution that fits the needs of today and the future ,” says Darrell Kimmel, Sales Manager with Nutrition Partners. “It’s not only a tool that gets more efficiency and value from feed to lower the cost of production. It’s also a natural growth promoter and a next generation health management tool. It makes life easier for farmers and gets them better results. It’s also excellent for the animals – helping them maintain a high plane of health and well-being.”

Synergy for success powered by the latest in feed science

The achievement represented by Ignite is the result of several farmer-focused companies working together – combining knowledge and resources to generate the high level of synergy required for this type of innovation, notes Darryl Lewis, President of Nutrition Partners.

FarmHouse is a Manitoba-based company that in a short timeframe has rapidly expanded its market reach based on a unique teamwork-driven model bringing the best knowledge, technologies and resources directly to farmers. Nutrition Partners, headquartered in Airdrie, Alberta, with additional offices in Manitoba and Quebec, specializes in collaborative approaches that support the success of customers through custom programs and services tailored to individual needs.

To blaze the trail for Ignite, these two companies worked together with CBS Bio Platforms – a pioneer and leader in feed science innovation now serving markets in more than 20 countries based on burgeoning demand for its signature Feed Science Platforms (FSPs).

“Nutrition Partners is pleased to work alongside FarmHouse to provide Ignite to farmers,” says Lewis. “It’s an important next step in the alliance between our two companies. Utilizing CBS Bio Platforms as a technology source has also been critical. Together we all share a vision to support the farmer, recognizing when farmers are successful our industry is successful.”

Research proven, next-level results

Ignite includes CBS Enhanced Yeast Technology tailored to leverage unique properties and activities that mitigate threats and optimize key production factors. It also includes CBS Functional Fatty Acids Technology customized to further support the health, well-being and overall performance. Study results and early commercial data show Ignite improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) and average daily gain (ADG), while also promoting feed intake and gut health (intestinal homeostasis, intestinal development, optimal gut barrier function and more). It also provides immune support and reduction in chronic inflammation, and controls pathogen load while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

The overall health-enhancing activity of Ignite is far advanced particularly for a natural feed additive, notes Hague. The solution aids in the judicious use of antimicrobials, by reducing the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and improving gut barrier function. In an additional standout health feature, research shows Ignite provides a unique, antibiotic-free tool for the control of Strep suis in chronic herds.

A major initial recommended use for Ignite is delivery to sows, particularly during critical periods such as lactation. “Ignite is simple to add to existing sow diets,” says Hague. “It delivers strong benefits to the sows as well as to the piglets – delivering advantages that carry forward through additional stages of the life cycle.”