Advances include helping farmers optimize protein to win the battle with rising feed costs

Des Moines, IOWA – New advances in feed technology are opening the door to innovative opportunities for swine farmers to maximize success while transitioning to the future.

A number of the top innovations are featured June 8-10 at the 2022 World Pork Expo. The world’s largest pork industry-specific trade show event returns to full capacity once-again bringing together thousands of US and global pork producers, industry professionals and experts for three days of education, innovation and networking.

“The future of swine feed is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the needs of farmers and their industry,” says Rob Patterson, VP Innovation & Commercialization with CBS Bio Platforms, a leading feed technology innovator exhibiting at the event (Visit CBS at tent G414). “Advances in science are leading the way – driving progress with feed technology to give farmers more and better options to reduce cost, strengthen efficiency and farm profitably.

“The World Pork Expo is the perfect venue to shine a spotlight on these advances, as the industry comes together to share knowledge and work together on new approaches.”

Tackling swine feed costs

With high feed costs and feed price volatility presenting challenges for the industry, a top priority is finding new ways to get more value out of feed and make alternative feed sources more viable, he notes. “These are two areas where science is making a big difference.”

A leading example is protein-sparing technology, as featured in the new ProSparity feed additive product from CBS. This new technology added to swine diets delivers two key advantages to help farmers recapture dietary costs and expand dietary options while maintaining or even further improving results.

First, it improves the breakdown of top ingredients such as soybean meal, corn, wheat, barley and more, so that a higher level of protein and nutritional value is captured by the animal. Second, it allows for higher protein and nutritional extraction from alternative or opportunity ingredients so that farmers can better utilize these lower cost options.

“For our team the primary focus is helping the farmer, with innovations that make a real difference at the farm gate,” says Mark Peters, VP of Sales and Marketing with CBS Bio Platforms. “Feed costs remain the number one cost of producing pigs. It’s also the number one area of improvement that can benefit the farmer’s bottom line. Feed cost is affected by feed conversion and diet cost. ProSparity tackles both. It’s the latest example of advances across our Bio-Catalyst Technology platform that are focused on getting the best feed technology into the hands of farmers.”

More return from every dollar

In today’s environment, the CBS team is hearing from many early adopters of ProSparity that this is the right tool at the right time to keep costs low and profits up.

“ProSparity gets its name from the unique advantages it provides as a protein-sparing technology,” sayd J.D. Baltzell, Sales Manager, USA, with the CBS America division, which has its distribution headquarters in Volga, South Dakota. “No matter what your protein source, with ProSparity you are going to get more out of it with less cost. It’s that simple. This is a new tool that every swine operation should consider. It’s easy to add to rations and gets you more return out of every feed dollar spent.”

In addition to Bio-Catalyst Technology, other key areas of CBS progress include the areas of Enhanced Yeast Technology, Functional Fatty Acids, Phytogenetics & Probiotics and Grain Management Technology. Combined, these CBS Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) offer swine farmers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to better manage feed costs and other key aspects of production efficiency and animal performance.

Science-driven progress

Ongoing advancements among the FSPs are fuelled by a strong foundation of research and development. This includes integrated relationships with major research programs. A leading US example is a swine research collaboration between CBS America and South Dakota State University. This relationship has included a major focus on exploring novel opportunities to increase value from feedstuffs through feed technology.

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