Opening new doors to health and performance

A new era of livestock production is taking shape as producers and the broader industry adjust to new rules, expectations and opportunities for how pigs, poultry and ruminants are raised.

New science-driven, bio-based feed additive options have become a major focus and one of the areas of innovation gaining increasing attention is medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) technology.

A global leader in this technology is Nuscience, a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group. In recent months Nuscience has introduced the latest generation of its elite level feed technology suite into the Canadian market via strategic marketing partnership with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.)

Here’s an up-close look at MCFA technology and the potential it represents for an evolving North American industry.

MCFA 101: Unique feed enhancers

MCFA are molecules with 6-12 carbon chains that are widely distributed in nature as a component of triglycerides.

When included in animal diets MCFA have shown functional activities beneficial to livestock production. The leading MCFA technology is used as a component of feed additive formulations designed to support optimized gut wellness and morphology.

Focus on gut wellness and morphology

A growing body of evidence across livestock species supports that gut health and morphology is directly correlated with overall health and performance.

It has an impact on feed digestibility and nutrition capture – influencing feed efficiency, daily gain and other key production parameters.

It also has an influence on the capability of animals to guard against potential negative impacts related to wellness challenges or periods of potential heightened stress – such as during transport or diet change.

Strengthened gut wellness and morphology can also protect against threats that may be present in the gastrointestinal tract in the form of contaminants and pathogens.

Strengthening Feed Science Platforms

With the patented Nuscience MCFA technology, the fatty acids are in a form that is unbranched and “free” with no double bonds or ring structures. This makes them highly maneuverable and active immediately.

The advantages of this advanced MCFA technology make it a valuable ingredient utilized under the functional fatty acids platform of the CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms portfolio.

The complete portfolio includes multi-carbohydrase enzyme technology, phytogenics & probiotics, grain management technology, enhanced yeast technology and functional fatty acids. (What’s your FSP fingerprint? Visit the new FSP landing page and contact CBS to learn what each platform has to offer.)

Meeting today's needs

Research shows the leading MCFA technology is beneficial for many types of livestock production, across a full range of production systems – from conventional systems to ‘raised without antibiotics’ systems.

However, with the shift toward greater restrictions on the use of antimicrobials, MCFA have garnered increasing attention as a top option to help production systems transition to and sustain effective approaches under the new realities.

Because MCFA are considered naturally occurring and a bio-based ingredient, they also fit the type of input increasingly preferred in the current and future marketplace.

Check out this recent article on MCFA advancements to learn more and contact CBS for further information on product options featuring functional fatty acids.