A game-changing technology that slashes bacterial and viral threats while optimizing performance is now available to western swine producers.

The cause of all the excitement is the new registration of the new advanced formulations of feed technology that contains the latest generation of ‘free form’ medium chain fatty acids (MCFA).

In early commercial scale testing with select operations in Montana and Alberta, this technology has shown a range of dramatic benefits including key advantages related to slashing bacterial and viral threats while supporting optimal performance.

New science-based option

Today more than ever swine operations need new science-based tools that create more profitability at the farm level – particularly as they are being asked to shift away from reliance on antimicrobials

The key to the potency of the new formulations is a based on utilizing the free form MCFA – also known as ‘activated’ MCFA – featuring additional components designed to maximize and complement the natural health and performance enhancing MCFA activity.

Early adopters have now tested the formulation through three production cycles – all with increasingly positive results. The leading new option is applied as a ‘health pack’ supplement added to feed, easily integrated on top of the existing nutrition and health program.

Strong commercial testing results - Montana and Alberta

In commercial testing, bacterial and viral challenges have been greatly reduced with the new MCFA technology. Among standout results attributed to the MCFA intervention, farms have reduced streptococcus sums (S. suis) incidence, reduced overall sow mortality, increased pigs per litter and boosted feed efficiency / gain. The intervention has also allowed for antibiotic free production as a preferred approach for cost and efficiency advantages despite the lack of a market requirement.

The innovation couldn’t come at a better time as producers across the industry look for new options to strengthen results in the wake of COVID-19 disruption and other challenges.

The free form MCFA feed technology has been proven based on many years of success in Europe. The longer that operations in Montana and Alberta have trialled this latest formulation with enhanced synergy advantages, the healthier and better performing the animals have become.

Latest upgrade of proven technology

MCFA technology was developed in Europe as part of a drive for innovative solutions to support the industry evolution to antibiotic free production. The founding company of the original technology remains the proprietary owner and developer of the only free form or activated MCFA, which has consistently advanced through several generations as utilized in improved formulations.

The results with the new generation of MCFA feed additives align with the potential shown by an ever-growing body of results from leading universities and research institutions that are expanding the knowledge of MCFA advantages for: supporting animal health and performance, providing an in-feed safeguard against viral contamination, protecting animals against a variety of wellness and stress challenges, and supporting control strategies against major pathogens.

This includes potential shown against enveloped viruses, such as porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), porcine reproductive and respiratory virus (PRRS) and more. MCFA also shows unique advantages to reduce vertical transmission of disease between sows and piglets and to address persistent bacterial pathogen threats such as S. suis.

Focus on prevention to maximize results

A lot of the focus today is on prevention, say leading industry adopters. There no question producers need to be doing as much as possible to reduce the bacterial load and viral load. MCFA really makes a huge difference. It’s becoming clear that as more farms adopt this technology it can really be transformative for the industry.

MCFA offer a fresh approach to enhance swine diets and support integrated swine management strategies designed to optimize animal health and performance across all key phases of production including transportation of animals.

The leading type of patented MCFA used for commercial feed additive purposes presents the MCFA in a form that is unbranched and “free” with no double bonds or ring structures. This makes them highly maneuverable and active immediately.

Watch for more MCFA information in the coming weeks as the latest technology becomes more widely adopted across the west and beyond.