New solutions boost efficiency while expanding the performance and health toolbox

Cartagena, COLUMBIA – New advances in feed technology are creating enhanced opportunities for more sustainable and competitive pork production across Latin America.

Many of the latest developments are showcased at the Porkaméricas conference in Cartagena, Columbia on July 13 to 15. A key factor is the expanded availability of tools from feed science companies such as CBS Bio Platforms that have increased activity across the region.

“We believe there is tremendous untapped potential for diverse types of Latin American pig production to become more efficient, reduce costs and expand,” says Jorge Castañeda, Latin America Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms. “Many can benefit from the new generation of sustainable solutions now becoming more widely available.”

Showcasing the latest advances

The Porkaméricas conference is an excellent venue to showcase these advances, as the Latin American pig sector comes together to share knowledge and work together on new approaches, he says. “The industry here has been in early stages of expansion and has faced challenges sourcing ingredients, getting consistency and reducing costs. Top options helping pig farmers in North America can now also help here in Latin America.”

CBS Bio Platforms was founded in 1984 and has evolved over 38 years based on a long winning streak of science-driven innovation. It began with a focus on helping farmers enhance their feeding programs with more natural ingredients, primarily via enzyme technology, and has since broadened its portfolio of bio-based technologies while expanding to serve markets in over 20 countries including in Latin America. The CBS portfolio of Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) today includes Bio-Catalyst Technology, Enhanced Yeast Technology, Grain Management Technology, Functional Fatty Acids, and Phytogenics & Probiotics.

'Farmers need new solutions'

“Latin American pig farmers need new solutions,” says Castañeda. “New options that help them get more value out of feed while supporting health and performance are now getting into their hands at the right time.”

Advances in science and research that have supported this new “toolbox” have also uncovered new opportunities for supporting animal health with less reliance on antimicrobials, says Rob Patterson, CBS Bio Platforms VP of Innovation and Commercialization, one of the featured speakers at Porkaméricas. “We’re learning more about the interface of nutrition and immunity, for example, as well as the value of preventative health management approaches where feed supplements with unique beneficial properties can play a larger role. There is also an increasing opportunity for rethinking alternative and novel ingredients for animal nutrition, and for achieving greater precision while minimizing waste.”

A major initial focus for CBS Latin America in bringing new solutions to the region has been Bio-Catalyst Technology highlighted by Superzyme®. Bio-Catalyst Technology, pioneered and evolved by CBS over multiple decades, provides a comprehensive platform for maximizing the capability of feed enzymes to unlock value and unique advantages from a full range of production systems Superzyme® is a multi-carbohydrase enzyme product featuring proprietary technology owned by CBS, now available directly to Latin America customers.

Expanding the toolbox

CBS Latin America is now also expanding the availability of Yeast Bioactives Technology led by Maxi-Nutrio®. The opportunity with this technology is the focus of Patterson’s talk at Porkaméricas, including insights on the specific potential to prevent gram negative bacterial infection. CBS local partner AmeriVet also has a booth at the conference where participants can learn more about this new solution, which supports numerous advantages including protecting health and wellness while helping to optimize the GIT environment.

“We’re seeing exciting potential to improve the animal’s overall plane of immunity,” says Patterson. “This is another great example of the improved options available now in Latin America that can make a real difference at the farm level.”

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