New advances in enzyme technology are driving breakthrough opportunities for cost savings and higher performance in livestock production in Southeast Asia.

Among the latest examples is Concentrase-P, a new protease formulation developed by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) and now widely available in the region through distribution partners. In the Philippines, CBS Inc. is represented by AgriPro Premier Nutrition Inc.

“The success of livestock production in Southeast Asia is deeply rooted in the ability of farms to get the most benefit possible from feed sources, particularly protein sources which are often limited and expensive,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, International Sales Manager for CBS Inc.

“Enzyme technology provides a way to unlock more nutritional value from these sources so that producers can get a much higher feed conversion ratio and average daily gain from the same amount of protein. This allows farmers to meet nutritional requirements with less protein, resulting in a substantial cost savings. Concentrase-P is formulated to work particularly well with animal protein sources.”

Enzyme technology for livestock production has advanced dramatically in recent years and represents great potential for the region, says Dr. Tuason.

“It is a simple concept that produces many benefits. All feed includes a number of either hard-to-digest or indigestible components. What enzymes do is break down those components, so the energy and nutrients they contain can be used by the animal. Because protein is such a high value and critical part of the diet, using a protease enzyme can provide a major advantage. It helps producers make sure they are getting the full value out of their protein sources and that nothing is wasted.”

Concentrase-P will be featured at INAHGEN: The Farmer’s Congress, February 24 to 26, 2016 at the booth of AgriPro Premier Nutrition Inc. More information on Concentrase-P is available by contacting AgriPro Premier Nutrition Inc. at+632.414.4188/+632.926.8881 (Philippines).