ProSparity featured at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention helps farmers tackle the challenge of securing economical high value protein

St. Paul, MINNESOTA —At a time of high feed costs and feed price volatility presenting challenges for the poultry industry, help is on the way for nutritionists and producers from new feed science solutions rapidly gaining wider availability and adoption for 2022 and beyond.

Leading the way is new protein-sparing technology featured in ProSparity, a feed additive product launched last fall by CBS Bio Platforms and showcased this week at the 2022 Midwest Poultry Federation Convention (Learn more by visiting CBS at booth 829).

Getting more value out of protein sources

ProSparity added to livestock diets features two key advantages help poultry operations recapture dietary costs. First, it improves the breakdown of top ingredients such as soybean meal, corn, wheat, barley and more, so that a higher level of protein/nutritional value is captured by the animal – in essence, allowing farmers to get more return on investment out of every feed dollar spent on these ingredients. Second, it allows for the extraction of production sustaining levels of protein/nutritional value from alternative or ‘opportunity’ ingredients sources – allowing farmers to utilize less costly ingredient options without sacrificing results.

“We are hearing from many of the early adopters of ProSparity that this protein-sparing technology is the right solution at the right time,” says Paul Garvey, Sales Manager, Poultry, with CBS Bio Platforms “It’s a new option to get higher value out of feed – protecting your profitability from the challenges of higher ingredient costs and price volatility. Whether you choose to use conventional feed sources or take the opportunity to use alternatives, the inclusion of ProSparity allows you to get more value out of your feed to improve the overall economics of production. It's arguably the most powerful solution available now for poultry operations to achieve big improvements in feed cost reduction resulting in higher profits.”

Multi-component protease advantages

The feed technology comprising ProSparity features protein-sparing enzyme technology powered by a multi-component protease. The unique multi-component activity, along with additional complementary and synergistic ingredients, gives ProSparity a major advantage and greatly enhanced results compared to traditional single source protease options. Available in flexible formats offered in both liquid and dry concentrations, it also features a low inclusion rate that improves least-cost formulation.

The source of this innovation is years of investment in research and development by CBS Bio Platforms in partnership with top novel feed ingredient research institutions led by the University of Manitoba. This culminated in the development of a Bio-Catalyst technology platform, designed as a comprehensive solutions portfolio for maximizing the capability of feed enzymes to unlock value and unique advantages from a full range of feedstuffs across livestock sectors and different types of production systems. ProSparity is the latest next generation solution to emerge from the Bio-Catalyst technology platform, which is part of CBS’s flagship Feed Science Platforms (FSPs).

“A big focus of this approach is that Bio-Catalyst Technology releases untapped value from components of the feed ingredients that the animal would not normally be able to break down and digest on its own,” notes Garvey. “It unlocks hidden value which translates to better performance at less cost.”

Tapping hidden opportunities in feed utilization

Advancements such as ProSparity place a spotlight on the tremendous potential of feed technology to tap hidden opportunities in feed utilization, observes Rob Patterson, CBS Technical Director. Research has shown the majority of dietary proteins in livestock feed are not fully digestible by the animals. There's an economic benefit in recapturing dietary costs by targeting these undigested proteins with exogenous enzymes – specifically protein-targeting protease sources.

However, because dietary protein sources are diverse, any effective feed technology solutions require carefully tailored broad-spectrum protease sources. This is what ProSparity offers as a multi-component protease solution.

“ProSparity is a product comprised of multiple protease strains, with each strain chosen based on its specificity and effectiveness for the different protein substrates that must be addressed for a complete breakdown of the various protein sources utilized in feedstuffs,” says Patterson.

“It is formulated to maintain high protease activity throughout the entirety of the gastrointestinal tract for maximum impact. It is also designed to work well in conjunction with other Bio-Catalyst technologies, such as phytases and other NSP-targeting enzymes, for comprehensive feed breakdown and utilization allowing farmers to get the most value possible from every feed dollar spent.”

Farmers, integrators and others wanting to learn more about the advantages of Bio-Catalyst options such as ProSparity can talk to their nutritionist or feed representative or contact CBS Bio Platforms directly. More information on CBS Feed Science Platforms is available at and complete CBS Bio Platforms information is available at