An important issue capturing attention across the swine industry is the rising threat of African Swine Fever (ASF).

Canadian Bio-Systems (CBS Inc.) joins its colleagues, partners and networks across the feed and animal agriculture sector in Canada and the U.S., and more broadly internationally, in closely monitoring and safeguarding against ASF.

Here’s a summary of key information for CBS Inc. customers, partners and affiliates:

Ensuring clean feed.CBS Inc. has strict protocols in place at all times to protect against the threat of any livestock disease including ASF.

As it does at all times, CBS is continuing to follow strict protocols encompassing all aspects of ingredients sourcing, feed safety and quality, and biosecurity to minimize the potential incidence and spread of any livestock disease threat. As an integrated bio-based feed company that includes manufacturing, CBS Inc. has strong control over global sourcing of the feed ingredients used in CBS Inc. products. As a GMP+ certified manufacturer, CBS sources it's ingredients globally from GMP+ audited facilities to ensure quality and biosecurity.

Keeping North America ASF-free. North America has ASF free status and CBS Inc. is working alongside industry colleagues and associations to continue to maintain and protect that status.

Latest knowledge and developments

Key things to know*:

  • Rising threat in Europe and China.The profile of ASF has risen substantially over the past year due to significant re-emergence in key regions including recent indications ASF is steadily spreading in Europe and across China.
  • Preventing further international spread. North America has remained ASF-free but is on high alert to keep that status by seeking to continually better understand and mitigate the threat to the highest degree possible.
  • Danger is to swine only.ASF transmission occurs by oral or nasal exposure, through direct or indirect contact.
  • No threat to humans.ASF is a not a threat to human health or to food safety – it is only a threat to swine species.
  • No treatment for infected swine.There is no vaccine or other treatment available for ASF.
  • Deadly and challenging disease.ASF spreads quickly and typically kills within 5 to 10 days.
  • Culling is necessary.Due to a lack of treatment, any infected pigs need to be culled as a measure to help prevent further spread. Just one incidence can mean the necessary destruction of an entire herd.
  • Preventing the spread. Experts have identified five potential pathways that could allow ASF to enter North America. These include: live animals, semen and embryos; food scraps and swill feeding; contaminated feed ingredients; and people travelling; and wildlife (possible presence in wild swine populations. There is no evidence that wild pigs in Canada have ASF or other diseases in their populations, though wild pigs remain a threat of transmission.)

* Includes information sourced from Canadian Pork Council and Animal Nutrition Association of Canada

The feed factor: Keeping North America ASF free

Safeguarding North America from ASF requires locking down on biosecurity including measures to prevent the potential for feed sources and ingredients to act as a vector. CBS Inc. is among feed manufacturers ensuring the right biosecurity measures are in place to prevent any risk of ASF.

CBS Inc. quality standards

Domestic: Aligned with national standards. CBS Inc. is a member of the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) – the membership of which produces approximately 95 percent of feed on farms in Canada.

International: GMP+ certified. CBS Inc. is GMP+ certified.GMP+ integrates ISO quality management requirements, HACCP and other elements. It defines conditions relating to feed production facilities, storage, transport, trading, etc. GMP+ also defines clear conditions, so that feed safety and sustainability are guaranteed and certification bodies can conduct independent audits. A GMP+ certificate provides additional guarantee for all stakeholders in the international feed industry. A GMP+ certification aligns with and from an international perspective goes over and above important programs such as FeedAssure- a feed safety standard coordinated via ANAC to its membership.

Strict protocols for ingredients sourcing. As stated above, as an integrated bio-based feed company that includes manufacturing, CBS Inc. has strong control over global sourcing of the feed ingredients used in CBS Inc. products. CBS sources it's ingredients globally from GMP audited facilities to ensure quality and biosecurity.

Feed Safety Policy Statement. Along with these measures CBS Inc. follows the direction and values set forth in its Feed Safety Policy Statement:

  • Our commitment to Feed Safety. CBS Inc. top management recognizes the importance of feed safety at all stages where CBS is engaged in manufacturing, storage, handling, processing and distribution of raw materials and finished goods.
  • Top focus for all CBS staff.Everyone within the organization has the collective responsibility of feed safety.
  • Best practices followed at all times. To ensure best practice we have developed the Quality Systems Manual and set of behaviours which will be practiced at every location of operation and are based on science, regulatory requirements, and industry best practice.
  • Following clear internationally recognized standards. To achieve our goal, we:

o Implement global standards and principles through programs, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

o Conform with local regulatory requirements and the agreed customer requirements.

o Perform regular identification of hazards, determination of critical control points and timely implementation of effective control and monitoring measures.

o Develop and strive to continually improve our processes capable of delivery of safe products through an efficient, effective and suitable feed safety management system.

o Communicate, implement and maintain this policy at all levels of the company.

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