Future-forward feed tech helps farmers get more value while aligning with global responsibility

Minneapolis, MINNESOTA – Science-fueled advances in feed technology are creating new opportunities for poultry farmers and their industry to get more mileage out of feed while also supporting global responsibility.

A number of top examples were showcased at PEAK 2023, April 11-13 in Minneapolis, the largest trade show and convention in North America focused exclusively on the business and food production of poultry.

“As poultry farming faces more complex demands, science has risen to the challenge,” says Paul Garvey, part of the team with CBS Bio Platforms exhibiting at PEAK (Booth 1111). “The progress is evident in many of the feed technologies showcased at PEAK that are now seeing a strong upswing in adoption across North America.”

Disruptive innovation widens the pathway

Generating excitement is the “win-win” nature of the advances, notes Garvey, Canadian Sales Manager for CBS. “The leading options are excellent for farm efficiency and productivity – they help unlock more energy and nutrients from feed so farmers get higher return to offset feed ingredient cost. At the same time, they help farms and the broader industry meet goals to become more sustainable – by maximizing efficient use of resources, reducing environmental footprint, supporting farmers’ economic sustainability and more.”

Some technologies also provide new tools for supporting healthier, more productive animals.

“The advances are very ‘future-forward,’” says Garvey. “They tackle today’s challenges while also disrupting traditional boundaries and forging the path ahead. At a big picture level, they help our animal agriculture sectors align with the rising focus on global responsibility, which recognizes the interconnectedness of resources and the need to continually innovate and maximize efficient use to feed a growing world.”

Research pipeline fuels product innovation

Solutions from CBS Bio Platforms are among the leading examples, notes Will Varner, Eastern Poultry Sales Representative. The innovation-focused company researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of bio-based products used in feed, food and industrial applications. To power the strong science-driven approach underlying its signature Feed Science Platforms (FSPs), CBS has long cultivated and expanded strong integrated relationships with top research programs at major universities.

Solutions highlighted at PEAK include ProSparity® – a multi-component protease technology. “It unlocks higher nutritional value from protein sources, allowing farmers to achieve optimized feed utilization and related performance at reduced cost,” explains Varner.

Another is Yeast Bioactives technology – a new category of solutions introduced by CBS and led by Maxi-Nutrio®, which is now also available in a new Maxi-Nutrio Liquid formulation. This option helps optimize production and serves as a next generation health management tool.

“More nutritionists, farmers, companies and feed mills are turning to Maxi-Nutrio,” says Varner. “It’s an important new tool that can be used proactively to help keep animals healthy and productive.”

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