Canadian livestock industries have a new option to supercharge feed performance through a unique ‘multiples’ approach to feed acidifiers from Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.)

Maxi-CID, a leading acidifier for swine and poultry diets, is now available through a new purchasing option as part of the CBS Inc. ‘Power of 5′ program targeted to Canadian producers and industry.

The Power of 5 is an integrated program that allows customers to get the combined benefits of five of the top CBS Inc. products in one purchase and a customized application approach, designed for overall more cost effective and exceptional results.

“Acidifiers are often taken for granted,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales and Marketing Manager. “But with advances in science we can see clearly the right formulations can be a powerful, galvanizing force in a feeding system that represents substantial profitability advantages for any size of operation.”
Acidifiers should be considered and selected just as carefully as enzymes and other feed enhancers, as part of a strategy to get the most value and synergistic benefits from the combined advantages of each of these products, says Peters. “That’s what the Power of 5 is all about. Each product and the overall strategy are designed to fit like a hand and glove.”

Maxi-CID is uniquely formulated to reduce and optimize pH levels in monogastrics species for superior feed efficiency and animal performance, says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Services Manager. “It does this while also creating an environment that limits the threat of a range of other undesirable microorganisms – for example, minimizing the colonization of key pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli.”

“Maxi-CID features two critical advantages,” says Patterson. “First, as a product based on the concept of multiples, it includes not just one acidifying agent but rather a blend of carefully selected acids with different modes of action, specifically formulated to complement one another for greater overall benefits. Second, as part of the Power of 5 suite, Maxi-CID is designed to generate an additional level of synergistic benefits when used along with Maxi-Gen Plus and other Power of 5 products.”

The benefits are especially important for young animals, which have a limited ability to produce sufficient amounts of their own acids, says Patterson. “Recent research on animal sensory preferences also indicates that some organic acids, including those present in Maxi-CID, actually stimulate feed intake, which is very important in young animals.”

Because Maxi-CID is equally suited to swine and poultry it also has the advantage of one product, one stock keeping unit (sku), for economical, free-flowing use with both species.

The Power of 5 suite of products includes Biogal-S Plus, Maxi-Gen Plus, Maxi-Cid, NutraMix and Mico-Bac. Five major benefits include feed efficiency (improved digestion, average daily gain and feed conversion rate); supporting optimal health (improved gut health, immune status and vaccine efficacy); improved reproductive performance; increased alternative feed stuff usage; and improved cost efficiency (less expensive diets and reduced feed cost per animal).

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. is an innovation-focused company that manufactures a wide range of products used in feed, food, industrial and environmental applications. More information on the company, CBS Inc. products and the Power of 5 is available at