Poultry and swine operations now have another strong reason to consider Biogal-S Plus to get more out of feedstuffs and add a new level of profitability to their bottom line.

This well established feed enhancing product from Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) is now part of the new ‘Power of 5’ program available for livestock operations in the U.S. and Canada.

The Power of 5 is an integrated program that allows customers to get the combined benefits of five of the top CBS Inc. products in one purchase and a customized application approach, for overall more cost effective and powerful results.

Biogal-S Plus features a uniquely tailored carbohydrase enzyme blend of seven different enzymes, specifically formulated to produce a synergistic effect that ‘unlocks’ previously indigestible components from feed.

“It’s one thing to have the right feedstuffs,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Manager of Sales and Marketing. “It’s another to get all the nutrients out of that feed. Biogal-S Plus is based on the latest science using the concept of synergistic blends to break down that barrier. It’s about maximizing value from feed. It’s about supporting a higher level of animal performance.”

Indigestible feedstuff components represent substantial dollars left on the table, says Peters. “Biogal-S is designed to help capture those dollars. When you multiply the benefits across each animal in an operation the value quickly adds up. Any size of operation has the opportunity to get a strong return.”

While the concept of carbohydrase enzyme blends is gaining momentum, it’s important to remember not all blends are created equal, says Rob Patterson, Technical Services Manager.

“Different enzymes do different jobs and work together in different ways,” says Patterson. “It’s critical to have the right formulations based on the right science. Our CBS Inc. blends, including Biogal-S Plus, typically have five-to-seven different types of enzymes, each with a distinct and complementary role to deliver a strong synergistic effect with the target livestock species. That’s typically far more than other products in the marketplace, which may have only two types.

“This approach using robust, science-based formulations allows us to target all of the indigestible components of the feed and release more nutrients for use by the animal.”

Like all CBS Inc. products, Biogal-S Plus represents a natural way to profitability, says Patterson. Two product versions are available – Biogal-S and also the “Plus” formulation, which includes the phytase enzyme for producers who do not already have phytase added into their vitamin trace mineral or premix pack.

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