Resiliency of Asia Pacific region supported by new innovations in feed technology

Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM – New solutions and strategies for ‘stacking technologies’ are set to open new doors of opportunity for livestock industries across the Asia Pacific region.

The latest innovations are showcased at the Vietstock event Oct. 12-14 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. CBS Bio Platforms and partner Saigon Nutrition Corporation have a booth at the event to share knowledge on the advantages of this unique approach to unified solutions.

“We’ve reached an exciting next step in the evolution of feed technology, for farmers and their industries across the Asia Pacific, to support more efficient, profitable and sustainable animal-based food production,” says Dr. Eduardo Tuason, South East Asia Sales Manager with CBS Bio Platforms.

“Synergy, precision and depth of scientific backing have always been very strong among our solutions, but now the level of all three is exponentially higher,” he says. “As a result Asia Pacific farmers can get even more value and performance out of feed, including from non-traditional sources.”

Blazing new trails of progress

Compared to western countries, key production areas of the Asia Pacific have faced greater challenges in terms of the feed options available, with limited choices, lack of consistency in feed sources, cost barriers and other obstacles.

But as the industry has matured and becomes more globally connected, innovations in feed technology are helping to level the playing field. They also provide more “tools in the toolbox” to allow for improved strategies tailored specifically to each operation. This includes tools that support feed integrity, disease defenses and enhanced nutritional extraction, among many additional benefits.

“Taking advantage of more tools is what the ‘stacking technologies’ concept is all about,” says Tuason. “It’s an integrated approach that allows farms to get the combined benefits of several solutions at the same time.”

Helping farmers bounce back strong

In recent years the Asia Pacific has also been challenged by disruptions related to the pandemic and major disease threats such as African Swine Fever. “Asia Pacific farmers have shown tremendous resiliency. As the region’s agriculture gets back on its feet, we believe the new innovations in feed technology can help fast forward this process and set a course toward expansion.”

Demand for CBS and Saigon Nutrition solutions in the region has risen sharply to more than double pre-pandemic levels, he notes. “A big focus for us is making a difference at the farm level – helping farmers get better results and higher profits. It’s great to see the strong uptake as an indicator that’s what’s happening.”

Top solutions for top results - aquaculture rising

The CBS and Saigon Nutrition portfolio includes solutions well tailored to pigs, poultry, beef cattle, dairy cattle and aquaculture.

The aquaculture business is a standout example experiencing strong growth via the partnership, notes Tuason. “We’ve had several studies now showing further promising results for solutions such as our Bio-Catalyst Technology in enhancing water and feed to support aquaculture performance. Shrimp farming, for example, which is now booming in Vietnam, is emerging as a top area for this application.”

A key shrimp study showed Bio-Catalyst Technology boosted productivity significantly, with target yield reached in 80 days vs. what previously took 100 days.

Superzyme® for swine and poultry also continues as a top option for the region. “Superzyme helps farmers capture the most value possible from feed through better utilization of energy and nutrients,” notes Tuason.

“This leads to corresponding improvements in animal performance and health with tremendous efficiency gains.”

Another leading solution is ProSparity, a protein-sparing technology that unlocks higher nutritional value from protein sources, allowing farm operations to achieve optimized feed utilization and related performance at reduced cost.

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