Maximizing feed benefits for ruminants

Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) has introduced a new ‘REP5’ (Ruminant Enhancement Program 5) initiative available for the new year to dairy and beef operations in the U.S. and Canada. The program is designed to maximize animal performance and economic value through an integrated approach to feed enhancing products for ruminants.

Here is a product Q&A with Blake Copeland, lead western ruminant sales representative for CBS Inc. and Sabrina Zettell, CBS Inc. nutritionist:

Q: What is the potential for ruminant benefits from feed technology?

Copeland: “The feed technology options for beef and dairy animals have never been better. The science has advanced. The knowledge has advanced. The latest products represent a brand new level of innovation."

Q: What is the concept behind the REP5 program?

Copeland: "REP5 allows our customers to tailor the best combination of five of our top feed enhancing options, for overall more cost effective and powerful results. REP5 features Maxi-Gen Plus MRF, Maxi-Nutrio, DeStress, Release and NutraMix.”

Zettell: "Each of the products have unique advantages that complement one another and work well together through tailored integrated approaches. All are bio-based so they are an excellent fit with what customers and consumers are demanding today. They also fit well with reduced antibiotic systems, by providing alternative ways to promote optimal productivity.”

Q: What are the features of Maxi-Gen Plus MRF?

Zettell: "Maxi-Gen Plus MRF is an enhanced yeast supplement designed to support growth performance and animal health while also alleviating stress. This product utilizes the latest in enhanced yeast technology, developed through CBS Inc. partnerships with leading universities, and among numerous advantages is formulated to be highly soluble in milk replacers."

Q: What is the specific activity of Maxi-Nutrio?

Zettell: "Maxi-Nutrio is a yeast supplement that supports optimized efficiency and nutrition capture throughout the production cycle. Its specific activity includes increasing the surface area of intestinal microvilli to facilitate increased nutrient absorption. It is also a pre-biotic that can stimulate other positive feeding performance activity, while mitigating the potential threat of detrimental micro-organisms.”

Q: What is the promise of nutritional therapy with DeStress?

Copeland: "DeStress is a unique option that represents a brand new approach – as a nutritional therapy supplement – to protect dairy and beef cattle from the damaging effects of stress experienced during handling, including key situations such as transport, regrouping and weaning."

"Studies with ruminants show substantial advantages with DeStress, related to reduced stress, including protection against performance and productivity reductions, as well as improved live weight retention, grading and carcass yield. DeStress also reduces the incidences of dark cutter.”

Q: What benefits can producers expect from Release?

Zettell: "Release is a next generation enzyme supplement that features multi-carbohydrase technology to effectively break down complex target substrates. Release is specifically formulated to optimize rumen function. It represents the latest in advanced enzyme technology for dairy and beef cattle.”

Q: Feed quality has never been more important. How does NutraMix help?

Copeland: "This is a great product to round out the REP5 portfolio. Essentially NutraMix is a grain management tool that provides a safeguard to ensure high quality livestock feed. It makes sure the quality is there. As a result, it provides producers and operations with the peace of mind that the animals are getting the best nutritional value possible from the feed."

Q: How can producers and industry learn more about REP5?

Copeland: "Contact us anytime. We always look forward to talking feed technology and can help you find the right fit."