Latest system advances include enhanced diagnostics and newly launched web-based app

The latest advances with an innovative new system for maximizing livestock feeding results have been unveiled by Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), Feb. 12-14, 2019 in Atlanta.

What’s your FSP fingerprint?” is a new approach to advanced precision livestock feeding that helps individual operations identify how they can best integrate and capture synergies among different types of feed science technology platforms.

An early beta version of this robust science and data-driven system was introduced last year coinciding with the launch of new CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms (FSP). The full official launch of What’s your FSP fingerprint? at IPPE 2019 features the inclusion of further enhanced diagnostic technology and the introduction of a simple-to-use web-based application. (IPPE attendees can view the app and learn more by visiting CBS Inc. at Hall A, Booth A956.)

“IPPE provides a window on many of the big picture trends and demands that are rapidly shaping the future of livestock production,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director. “These factors have major implications for the profitability and sustainability of all types of operations and for the sector as a whole. At the same time, advances in feed technology are opening new doors to help operations not only transition but thrive in this new environment.

New opportunities in precision feeding

What’s your FSP fingerprint? allows everyone from nutritionists and producers to others involved in the feed industry and animal agriculture to quickly and simply identify the best package for success,” he says. “It takes the potential for precision feeding to a whole new level.”

Every operation is unique and has its own requirements in order to truly maximize results in alignment with the latest expectations and opportunities, says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales and Marketing Director. “Today the ability of an operation to keep up with the full spectrum of science-based feed technology innovation is a critical factor, not only in efficiency and overall production competitiveness but also in meeting specific, increasingly specialized market opportunities.

What’s your FSP fingerprint? provides a highly effective one-stop solution that fits today’s needs. It gives every operator peace of mind that they are utilizing the best package possible, customized to their specific requirements and objectives.”

Capturing synergies across platforms

The FSPs include five areas of feed technology innovation: Multi-Carbohydrase technology, enhanced yeast technology, grain management technology, functional fatty acids, and phytogenics and probiotics. Together they represent a comprehensive portfolio of advanced bio-based feed technology solutions to benefit poultry, swine, aquaculture and ruminant production.

What’s your FSP fingerprint? identifies the best customized package for each operation, leveraging a wealth of ongoing data collection along with more than 30 years of CBS Inc. research and development knowledge in partnership with leading university and institutional research programs.

Dynamic science-driven potential

Each FSP area offers unique approaches to feed enhancement. Multi-Carbohydrase technology is a leading-edge area of enzyme technology pioneered by CBS Inc. that involves utilizing multiple enzymes with multiple activities to achieve a high level of targeted feed breakdown and nutrition capture.

Enhanced yeast technology features natural growth promoter activity supporting healthy animals and optimized productivity. Functional fatty acids are gaining rising attention today, in particular for their potential to replace conventional options and support systems moving toward reduced use of antimicrobials.

Grain management technology focuses on safeguarding feed quality to provide a valuable quality assurance tool and insurance policy for both feed and animals. Phytogenics and probiotics represent innovative plant-based extract technology that helps support a positive and nurturing environment critical to get the most efficiency and benefits from feed and nutrition approaches.

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