Five things to know as swine progress powers forward

Education. Innovation. Networking. The World Pork Expo has it all.

In 2018 this event celebrates 30 years with a tradeshow welcoming over 500 companies and thousands of participants representing the production side of the pork industry.

Visitors to the CBS tent (G413) can get an up-close look at these recent advances:

1. New cross border MCFA opportunity

Breaking news out of World Pork Expo . . .

As a new toolbox for 21st century pork production takes shape, a top area of advancement capturing the spotlight at the World Pork Expo is medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) technology.

Now producers and swine industry companies have the opportunity to ensure sustained, full life-cycle programs utilizing MCFA technology, even across borders, with availability of the latest generation commercial product brands OutPace and Biotica, in U.S. and Canada respectively, as announced jointly by PMI and Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) at this international show.

“The pork industry is well integrated between the U.S. and Canada. The trends are the same in both countries, particularly toward the rising adoption of new feed additive solutions to help meet today’s challenges,” says Dr. Suzanne Petersen, Marketing Manager at PMI. “And now, producers operating in both jurisdictions can benefit from the ability to ensure a sustained program of MCFA throughout all critical phases of production and movement of animals, including cross-border transportation of animals.”

“The advances in science now driving improvements to the tailoring and use of MCFA technology have come at a perfect time to help swine producers and industry adjust to the new rules without sacrificing efficient and profitable production,” says Rob Patterson, Technical Director with CBS Inc. “In fact, with the right formulations and applications as part of integrated strategies, swine production systems have the opportunity to raise the bar not only on alignment with the marketplace trends but also on overall production results.”

View the full announcement here.

2. New era feed analysis takes hold

iNSPect by CBS is a feed analysis app designed for use by the feed industry globally. Users can access it via web or mobile interface. It allows users to input information on the type of diet they are feeding and receive instant analysis to support optimized feed strategies.

The analysis includes data on the presence of dietary non-starch polysacchardies (NSPs) such as cellulose, arabinoxylan, beta-glucan, mannan, pectins and various other NSP components. The app then also allows users to select and compare feed additive options to address the NSPs in order to boost digestibility, nutrition capture and a range of related benefits spanning animal performance, health and reduced environmental footprint.

“iNSPect puts the power of rapid, highly robust, science-based feed analysis into the hands of everyone from nutritionists to producers to others involved in the feed industry and animal agriculture,” says Krisjan Jones, CBS Inc. Operations Director. “It is a dynamic, user- and mobile-friendly tool, combining the latest in digital app and dietary analysis technology, packed with numerous features. It allows users to quickly and simply identify opportunities for enhanced precision feeding approaches.”

3. New platforms drive fresh pathways to progress

The world of livestock production is evolving. New Feed Science Platforms offer dynamic solutions to meet the demands of farmers, industry, food providers and consumers. The CBS FSP include:

  • Multi-Carbohydrase Technology. Multi-carbohydrase technology represents the leading-edge of science based knowledge on the most effective use of feed enzymes. It leverages over 30 years of research to offer a much more comprehensive and sophisticated option than traditional approaches. CBS Inc. is the developer of the original multi-carbohydrase technology – now, redefined for a new generation. Multiple enzymes with multiple activities provide broadened capability to unlock the full potential of all feed ingredients, driving much higher nutritional extraction, efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced Yeast Technology. Healthy and well-performing animals are the key to a successful livestock operation. With the minimization of on-farm antimicrobials use, livestock health is one of the highest priorities for producers. To combat this challenge it is crucial to enhance immune status, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, bind potential toxins, and improve the morphological structure of the gastrointestinal tract. Unique cutting-edge enhanced yeast tehnology fits strategies to support animal health and favorable gut environment, while maximizing overall efficiency and performance.
  • Functional Fatty Acids. Functional fatty acids are a form of feed additive that goes beyond nutritional value to offer broader animal and performance benefits, helping to support efficient and sustainable livestock production in alignment with new marketplace expectations. The latest science-driven, feed-ingredient based solutions are built for the new world of judious use approaches to antibiotics and bio-based enhancements of animal care, with innovative options offering a fit for every farm and production approach.
  • Phytogenics & Probiotics. A positive and nurturing environment is critical to get the most from your feed. Phytogentics & probiotics represent a category of innovative plant-based extract technology that supports optimal conditions for peak results. The latest generation options support benefits such as stimulating feed intake and boosting gut health while contributing to overall more efficient and sustainable livestock production.
  • Grain Management Technology. Safeguarding feed grains from threats such as fungi (including mold), fungi-produced mycotoxins and other contaminants is essential to protect quality and value. The latest in grain management technology locks in the full potential of feed with superior protection. Tailored ‘clean feed’ technology provides a valuable insurance policy for feed and animals, via simple and reliable science-based solutions.

“The latest generation of our Feed Science Platforms represent a brand new level of opportunity,” says Mark Peters, CBS Inc. Sales and Marketing Director. “It’s all about the right science making a difference for the producer and for a strong, innovative industry, built for the future.”

“Every operation is different requires a tailored package,” says Blake Copeland, CBS Inc. Sales Representative. “Once you identify your FSP fingerprint you can quickly make improvements in results that will pay off for both the short-term and the long-term.”

4. New advances in rapid test kits

The latest example in a wave of advanced feed test kit options from CBS is FeedCheck Soy – an innovative tools that allows for rapid, on-site analysis of soybean meal quality.

See it in action here, in “Lights. Camera. Soy!” – a video on how it works.

The simple-to-use test kit employs a customized assay design that allows users to conveniently and accurately assess their soybean meal samples for the presence of anti-nutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors. This puts the power of quality assurance into the hands of anyone involved in producing, processing or using soybean meal for livestock feed, helping to support best quality and results across the value chain.

“In recent years we have seen a major trend toward diversification and expansion in the amount of micro-processing activity of soy taking place across the industry, including activity aimed at smaller-scale niche opportunities,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Inc. Technical Director. “There has been a rising need for practical, cost-effective on-site testing options that anyone can use to support quality assurance in this new environment. This is what FeedCheck Soy is designed to provide.”

FeedCheck Soy is available in the CBS Market.

5. Expertise on ingredients strengthens technology strategies

Advancing the sophistication in assessing and understanding feed ingredients is a rising focus for CBS Inc., says Owen Jones, President of CBS Inc. Examples include new CBS test kits, major survey efforts such as the CBS Wheat Survey and CBS Barley Survey, and a broad swath of CBS supported ingredients-focused research.

“The more we can do to better understand and support the highest quality in our feed ingredients, and the highest potential for nutrition and energy capture from those ingredients, the better we can support a strong and sustainable future for livestock production and related feed industries,” says Jones. “This is one of the reasons why CBS Inc. has continued to evolve with a strong focus not only on innovation in bio-based feed additive technology but also innovation in broader areas of feed ingredients expertise. This will continue to be an area of increasing emphasis for our company in the future as part of delivering value to our customers, partners and the industry at large.”