Excerpts with permission Feed Strategy magazine.

The CBS team is featured in Feed Strategy's "Top 10 feed industry articles of 2020."

The Top 10 ranked article (No.5) "How COVID-19 will impact 2020 global feed production" includes insights from CBS team members Sabrina Zettell and Rob Patterson, discussing implications of the pandemic for the industry and broader marketplace:

Pushing the reset button on consumer attitudes

In the animal protein sector, analysts are seeing a “pandemic reset” mindset among consumers who are becoming “less transfixed on niche attributes” the publication noted.

“We are hearing a lot less talk about former buzz trends like plant-based and much more focus on appreciating the fundamental-yet-immense value of simply having a resilient supply of high-quality, healthy, nutritious, cost-effective food — including high-protein, nutrition-rich poultry, swine and ruminant products,” said Sabrina Zettell, Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. nutrition and technical service manager.

Opportunities and challenges

In some markets, there may also be an opportunity to gain market share, the article observed.

“An opportunity is that North American producers may be able to obtain greater market access to a select number of countries in Asia that are struggling to produce sufficient amounts of local meat due to local COVID-19 related plant shutdowns,” said Rob Patterson, Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. technical director. “Also, as Brazil struggles with COVID-19, there is an opportunity to take advantage of reduced supply in these same Asian markets.”

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